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Veterans Golf Club of Victoria

April 2017 Newsletter

Apr 2017 Newsletter VVGC


President Donald welcomed us to Churchill Waverley Golf Club and asked all present to thank the club for the use of their excellent facilities, and their generous donation of our main raffle prize. He thanked his playing partners, Stan Odachowski, Laurie Comerford and Trevor McGilton for their good company and their enduring patience as he struggled to reacquaint himself with a golf ball. There followed a delayed presentation to Noel Valle, our February winner of the Royce Hollingworth trophy at Rossdale. Well done Noel !!

Number of Players:

He said that today we had a total of 50 players including 1 guest,  Mark Pearson, introduced by Trevor Spence. It is great to report that Mark has since become a member of the club. Welcome Mark !
Donald also asked the members to put their hands together for our Captain, Harold Hayes, who did a terrific job arranging today's  4BBB Pairs competition  under difficult circumstances. We will review our approach to the use of  pairs/teams competitions within our syllabus,  and streamline their  execution. They are an essential part of the social charter  that this club adheres to, namely the opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of fellow senior golfers. Suggestions such as a "mystery pairs" competition may help to make the starters life a bit easier. We are open to constructive ideas. Please contact our Captain Harold if you have any suggestions.


A very lengthy list of apologies for today (20)  -  Donald Barrett, Hans Bleeker, Peter Brewster, Tom Buzza, Peter Charlewood, Bernie Coyle, David Davies, Tom Govern, Neal Hills, Ian Hoskins, Chris MacGeorge, Noel Manning, Alan Millard, Roger Selwood, Jeff Taylor (non-playing), Barry Taylor, Christopher Tierney, Kelvin Tyler, Ray Underwood, Colin Wiseman. We look forward to seeing the 'boys' back on course at Cranbourne.


As noted previously, we had 1 guest today and we welcome Mark Pearson who received the customary golf ball.

Please note that when members bring a guest along please ask them for their Golflink Number, if they have one, or provide the Handicapper with a guideline to their playing standard.

Starters today:

Donald thanked Ronnie Chong and Robin Miller for a job well done under the usual trying circumstances associated with pairs competitions! We cannot proceed without volunteers to run these events every month, so please consider helping as it is a bit of fun and you will get to know more members of the club.

Membership News:

Donald said that the Committee had received a letter from Lindsay Quennell expressing his concern that we need to be more vigilant in regard to the care of members who become unwell while out on the golf course. We are at an age where such incidents do happen, particularly during hot and/or humid weather.

Lindsay stresses the absolute need to place a person who is experiencing breathing difficulties and/or chest pains (etc.), in a horizontal (lying-down) position until ambulance staff are in attendance. The Committee has undertaken to urgently review the type of procedures required for such emergencies. We have already consulted with a number of the 'host clubs' that we use within our syllabus to understand their approach. When we have completed our review, we will ask Lindsay to comment. We are also considering the possibility of a suitably qualified paramedic to come and brief the membership on best practice.   We take our 'duty-of-care' responsibilities seriously, but please bear in mind that we can only do so, within the limitations of the resources at our disposal. Donald thanked Lindsay for his determination to see this matter addressed. The members will be appraised of our findings.

As an adjunct to this issue, members were requested to ensure that they have filled out their emergency details on the golf bag tag issued to the membership. Our motto must be "Tag the Bag!"

A reminder was given to members that ultimately, it is their responsibility to ensure that they have the necessary level of golf insurance in place in order to play golf on a frequent basis. A letter to this effect was issued to all members by our Secretary, Jeff Taylor. Please read it and make sure that you are covered.

A couple of golfing etiquette matters were raised:

 a) please ensure that all pitch marks on the green are repaired as a courtesy to your fellow competitors.

 b) any notices at a golf course which indicate that "this area is environmentally protected" must be honoured. 'do not enter' means precisely that. You are entitled to a 'free drop' with another ball should this happen.

Updates on the developments at both Centenary Park and Churchill Waverley (Churchill Park and Waverley are now a merged entity) were discussed. It is early days in both situations, but we do need to stay abreast of both developments as they are regular 'host clubs' in our annual golf schedule. Any further news will be advised to members as and when we become aware of it.

House of Golf' Sponsorship:

He reminded us of our sponsorship from the House of Golf (Moorabbin), who are subsidising our monthly winners' vouchers and he urged us to support them. Please go and see Innes at his new super store near DFO at Moorabbin Airport.

Special Achievements:

Donald informed the members of our latest successes on the golf course.

First up was the recent VVGA event at Euroa GC. It was a 2-day pairs competition involving some 120 competitors from all over Victoria. We had 9 members representing our club (Jeff Taylor was a late withdrawal).

Although we were unable to quite match the tremendous achievements of 2016, where we took out both the individual and team titles, we did manage to pick up some prizes.

Laurie Comerford won 2 of the "nearest-the-pin" prizes while John Currie also won a "N-T-P" prize. There was some real controversy when it appeared that Gary Finnis and Daryl Edwards had the best score of the day, only to be disqualified because of an incorrect score card caused by their playing partners. Cruel luck indeed!!

Because of the hot and humid weather at Euroa, some of our members experienced some difficulties and had to retire early. This is yet another reminder that we need to know what procedures are in place to deal with health risks. We will be writing to the VVGA about their 'duty of care' procedures at Euroa (or indeed at any VVGA event). Their response will be interesting, and in conjunction with our own review, will be advised to the members in due course. Meanwhile, hearty congratulations go to our 9-man team of members!

Also in the news were:

Congratulations to all our winners !!

He asked if there were any more good performances but alas, no.

If you do win, please let me know as we sometimes miss the notices.

Membership :

Donald reminded everyone that today was the last day to pay your annual subscriptions ($30) for 2017. Please see our Treasurer David to make your payment.

He stated that we need to keep bringing along new members because of natural 'attrition' affecting our membership numbers. He urged all members to look around and ask their friends to come along. 'Word of mouth' is still our best weapon for new members.

Please note that it may be useful for members to make use of the 'Club Business Cards' when you speak to friends, acquaintances and fellow golfers about our Club. The card includes our website address which they can use to find out a bit about the Vets. Easy to hand out when you meet an interested party.

Cards can be obtained from our Webmaster, Laurie Comerford on match days.

Club Merchandise :

As always, he urged the members to join in with the 'spirit of the club' by making use of the Club Merchandise. Our strength in a social sense is our obvious desire to be part of this great Club. A new addition to Daryl Edwards' fashion line is a ripper hat to shield us from this magnificent Melbourne sunshine. Daryl hopes to bring along a variety of hat sizes so you can find one that fits and then place your order  -  $20 a hat. Sleeveless vests with the club logo can also be ordered through Daryl.

Vets Web Site :

It is up and running and continues to perform well.

Question time :

Donald asked the members if they wished to raise any issues. Nothing this month.
He then handed over to our Captain, Harold Hayes.

If you play with a photographer it's reasonable to expect you'll get a style analysis image.


Unplayable lie

Your webmaster, having had this lie today, felt it appropriate that Captain Harold organised George to explain about unplayable lies. After the drop, the fourth hit from here on a par 4 meant it was essential his playing partner had to do something special.

Winners' image not yet available


Overall winners:

Harold Hayes (21) & Noel Valle (28) with 44 points won the Captain-Presidents Trophy.

Runners up:

Lance Bolam (18) & Rod Goode (28) with 40 points

Nearest to the Pin:
images/captainjoke201704.jpg image not yet available

Some of us had a hard time at school long before the exams.

3rd hole: Jeff Stevens  6th hole: Laurie Comerford

11th hole: George Weaver  17th hole: Rod Goode

Balls down the line:

38 points Chris Procter (33) & Robin Miller (36)

37 points George Weaver (15) & Michael Montgomery (36)

37 points Jeff Stevens (21) & (27)

37 points Laurie Comerford (15) & Trevor McGilton (36)

37 points Trevor Bottomley (18) & Philip Horsburgh (35)

images/naga201704.jpg file npt found

Yippee! - we didn't have one. No-one had the joy of playing from this lie.

NAGA Award:

Door prize Winners:

wasn't content with picking up last month's Trophy, sharing today's win with Harold, but he added a voucher for 4 players with carts at Churchill/Waverley from the raffle. Sadly he had to pay for the armoured escort himself.

Birthday boys for April 2017

Congratulations and best wishes to our members whose birthday falls in AprilPicture

1st  Peter Charlewood  79

5th  Dave Cureton  67     Tom Govern  73

6th  Anthony French  70

7th  Geoffrey Milne  67

9th  Roland Neef  77

11th  Faye Quennell  80

18th  Bernie Coyle  71     Shay McQuade  61

19th  John Molloy  70     Marg Holden  65

21st  Lance Bolam  82

24th  Ray Reed  83

25th  Joe Cirnigliaro  73

26th  Reginald Davey  76

29th  George Giles  82


International commerce:

Nescafé arranges a meeting with the Pope at the Vatican. After receiving the Papal blessing, the Nescafé official whispers "Your Eminence, we have an offer for you. Nescafé is prepared to donate 100 million Euro to the church if you change the Lord's Prayer from 'give us this day our daily bread' to 'give us this day our daily coffee.'"


The Pope responds, "That is impossible. The prayer is the word of the Lord. It must not be changed."

"Well," said the Nescafé man, "we anticipated your reluctance. For this reason we will increase our offer to 300 million Euro."

"My son, it is impossible. For the prayer is the word of the Lord and it must not be changed."

The Nescafé guy says, "Your Holiness, we at Nescafé respect your adherence to the faith, but we do have one final offer. We will donate 500 million Euro - that's half a billion euros - to the great Catholic Church if you would only change the Lord's Prayer from 'give us this day our daily bread' to 'give us this day our daily coffee.'  Please consider it." And he leaves.

The next day the Pope convenes the College of Cardinals. "There is some good news," he announces, "and some bad news. The good news is that the Church will come into 500 million Euro."
"And the bad news, your Holiness ?" asks a Cardinal.


"We're losing the TipTop account".

Next event:

Cranbourne for the Grant Haselgrove Trophy starting at 8:00 on 08th May

 Joe Cirnigliaro ☎ 03 9583 5086 or 0409 027 500 David  Heraud ☎ 03 9532 6061 or 0409 160 130 John Molloy ☎ 03 9583 5331 or 0430 500 905

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