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Veterans Golf Club of Victoria

Playing Costs

Joining fee = $65.00 (Includes Club shirt, badge and other paraphernalia.)

Annual fee = $40.00

The joining fee and annual fee by cash, cheque or can be paid direct to the Club's bank account.

The account details are: BSB 033-094 Account No. 891 705

After paying please advise the Treasurer (Peter Ross or 0418 176 303 or by email at pdrent@hotkey.net.au) that you have made the payment.

Playing fee = $60.00

Playing fee at your home club (for lunch) = $15.00

Playing fees must be paid to the Starters at each event preferably by card, or by either cash or cheque in an envelope with your name on it.

These costs were set in February 2021

Club dressware

The Club also has dress items, shirts, pullovers, caps & hats available.  The prices of these items vary with time and current prices should be checked with Marketing Manager
Bruce Keenan or 0438 347 699 or by email at brucekeenan46@gmail.com

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Last updated: 04 June 2021