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Presentation Lunch at Rossdale on
13th December 2021

Our 2021 Christmas Luncheon and presentation day at Rossdale GC was an outstanding success.

The weather, venue, food and company made for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

There was an attendance of 70 members and guests with 12 apologies. It was a day to remember with partners mementos, door prizes including the Round 2 prizes of legs of ham which were dominated by lady winners, and cheers for winners of the annual trophies.

The trophy winners

Club Champion

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The winner of the Club Champion Bruce Keenan with President Roger and Captain Jeff.
Bruce had 286 points from his best 8 rounds at an average of 35.8 points/round.

Captains Trophy winner

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The winner of the Captains Trophy George Weaver with Captain Jeff.
George had 214 points from his best 6 rounds at an average of 35.7 points/round.

Presidents Trophy winner

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The winner of the Presidents Trophy Donald Barber with President Roger.
Donald had 282 points from his best 8 rounds at an average of 35.3 points/round.

Age 55 to 69 Trophy winner

Shay McQuade winner of the Age 55 to 69 Trophy was not at the dinner.
Shay had 202 points from his best 6 rounds at an average of 33.7 points/round.

Age 70 to 75 Trophy winner

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The winner of the Age 70 to 75 Trophy Roger Selwood with Captain Jeff.
Roger had 207 points from his best 6 rounds at an average of 34.5 points/round.

Over 75 Trophy winner

David Vine winner of the Age 76 to 99 Trophy was not at the dinner.
David had 206 points from his best 6 rounds at an average of 34.3 points/round.

Sample of Presidents Report

President's Notes

The Vets members, their wives, partners and guests were welcomed by the President to the 2021 Christmas function at the Rossdale Golf Club.  The venue had been prepared in a bright Christmas atmosphere and with appropriate table decorations. The hosting club and staff were thanked by the members.

In attendance was Life Member, Ray Underwood with his wife Rhonda.  Fellow current Life Members Lance Bolam, Bernie Coyle, Donald MacDonald and David Vine sent their apologies due to health situations.

The President introduced the current CoM and volunteers who were thanked for their assistance throughout a year which was governed by health and government restrictions causing the cancellation of numerous tournaments.

Our Sponsors, The House of Golf through Innes Ireland and Chris Thorne of Jims Window Cleaning were thanked for their continuing support over the last couple of years.  Sadly for health reasons Chris has had to retire and withdraw his sponsorship.

The President also welcomed our guest Elaine Hills and mentioned our new Social Members Norm and Barbara Grant.

A special mention went to our oldest playing member George Giles at 86 who attended with wife Suzanne.

Our members present congratulated member Alex Johnson who now resides in Maffra on receiving an OAM on the Queens Birthday Honours in June for Services to Golf and Community services.

After our delicious lunch which consisted of main course and sweets, the CoM presented the ladies in attendance a gift box with a Breast Cancer Network biro.

The Captain Jeff Stevens then presented the awards to the lucky golfers for the 2020/21 season with Bruce Keenan being awarded the Lance Bolam trophy as being Club Champion.

This was followed by the drawing of the 13 door prizes which concluded the day.

A great day was had by those who attended our 2021 Christmas function.

Roger Selwood

President 2021

 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Barbara_Garbellini_and_Barbara_Moreland.jpg not found
Barbara Garbellini and Barbara Moreland
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Barry_and_Pat_Pollock_with_Robin_Weaver.jpg not found
Barry and Pat Pollock with Robin Weaver
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Beverley_Jenkin,_Yvonne_Daniel_and_Valerie_Purves.jpg not found
Beverley Jenkin, Yvonne Daniel and Valerie Purves
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Beverley_Jenkin,_Yvonne_Daniel_and_Valerie_Purves_1.jpg not found
Beverley Jenkin, Yvonne Daniel and Valerie Purves 1
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Captain_Jeff_and_Vice-Captain_Harold.jpg not found
Captain Jeff and Vice-Captain Harold
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Carol_Stevens_and_Lynn_Horsburgh.jpg not found
Carol Stevens and Lynn Horsburgh
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Carol_Stevens_with_her_door_prize.jpg not found
Carol Stevens with her door prize
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Chris_Thorne_and_Bruce_Keenan.jpg not found
Chris Thorne and Bruce Keenan
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Club_Hole-in-one_heroes_John_Hiscock_and_Daryl_Edwards.jpg not found
Club Hole-in-one heroes John Hiscock and Daryl Edwards
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Dianne_Bottomley,_Elainne_Hills_and_Barbara_Grant.jpg not found
Dianne Bottomley, Elainne Hills and Barbara Grant
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Don_Barbour_adds_to_his_collection_with_a_hug_grin_and_a_door_prize.jpg not found
Don Barbour adds to his collection with a hug grin and a door prize
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Don_and_Lisa_Barber.jpg not found
Don and Lisa Barber
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Faye_Wiseman_with_Rod_and_Joan_Goode.jpg not found
Faye Wiseman with Rod and Joan Goode
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Gary_Morland,_Peter_Garbellini_and_the_table_label.jpg not found
Gary Morland, Peter Garbellini and the table label
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/George_Weaver,_June_and_Roger_Foenander.jpg not found
George Weaver, June and Roger Foenander
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Isobel_Hayes,_Suzanne_Spicer_and_Peter_Ross.jpg not found
Isobel Hayes, Suzanne Spicer and Peter Ross
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Jeff_and_Barbara_Taylor.jpg not found
Jeff and Barbara Taylor
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Joe_and_Rosa_Cirnigliaro.jpg not found
Joe and Rosa Cirnigliaro
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Johannes_and_Moira_Tetteroo.jpg not found
Johannes and Moira Tetteroo
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/John_Hiscock,_Ray_Desmond_and_Margaret.jpg not found
John Hiscock, Ray Desmond and Margaret
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/John_Marshall_with_his_door_prize.jpg not found
John Marshall with his door prize
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Leigh_and_Peter_Fischer.jpg not found
Leigh and Peter Fischer
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Lynn_Horsburgh,_Valery_Purves_and_Yvonne_Daniel_with_their_second_round_door_prizes.jpg not found
Lynn Horsburgh, Valery Purves and Yvonne Daniel with their second round door prizes
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Lynn_Horsburgh_with_her_first_round_door_prize.jpg not found
Lynn Horsburgh with her first round door prize
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Narelle_Selwood,_John_and_Carol_Hiscock.jpg not found
Narelle Selwood, John and Carol Hiscock
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Pam_and_Alan_Baker_with_Chris_Tierney.jpg not found
Pam and Alan Baker with Chris Tierney
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Pam_and_Gary_Finnis_with_Norm_Grant.jpg not found
Pam and Gary Finnis with Norm Grant
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Pat_Pollock_with_Robin_and_George_Weaver.jpg not found
Pat Pollock with Robin and George Weaver
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Peter_Fischer,_lady_and_Roland_Neef.jpg not found
Peter Fischer, lady and Roland Neef
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Peter_Garbellini_and_Phil_Horsburgh.jpg not found
Peter Garbellini and Phil Horsburgh
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/President_Roger.jpg not found
President Roger
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/President_Roger_with_Captain_Jeff.jpg not found
President Roger with Captain Jeff
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Ray_Underwood,_Trevor_Bottomley_and_Norm_Grant.jpg not found
Ray Underwood, Trevor Bottomley and Norm Grant
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Ray_Underwood_collects_his_door_prize.jpg not found
Ray Underwood collects his door prize
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Ray_Underwood_with_Trevor_and_Diane_Bottomley.jpg not found
Ray Underwood with Trevor and Diane Bottomley
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Reg_and_Lorna_Davey.jpg not found
Reg and Lorna Davey
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Robin_Weaver_with_her_door_prize.jpg not found
Robin Weaver with her door prize
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Rod_Goode_wins_the_first_door_prize.jpg not found
Rod Goode wins the first door prize
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Sharon Tierney and Pam Baker.jpg not found
Sharon Tierney and Pam Baker
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Suzanne_Giles_with_Reg_and_Lorna_Davey.jpg not found
Suzanne Giles with Reg and Lorna Davey
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Tex.jpg not found
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Tony_and_Pauline_French.jpg not found
Tony and Pauline French
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Tricia_Comerford_with_her_door_prize.jpg not found
Tricia Comerford with her door prize
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Valerie_Purves_with_her_first_round_door_prize.jpg not found
Valerie Purves with her first round door prize
 File images/2021_xmas/keys/Yvonne_Daniel_with_her_first_round_door_prize.jpg not found
Yvonne Daniel with her first round door prize

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