Presentation Lunch at Keysborough on
9th December 2019

Our 2019 Christmas Luncheon and presentation day at Keysborough GC was an outstanding success.

The weather, venue, food and company made for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

There was an attendance of 101 members and guests with 12 apologies. Raffle prizes, lady's gifts of elegant pot-plants and cheers for winners of the Club's annual trophies made it a day to remember.

The trophy winners

Club Champion

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Winner of the Club Champion Trophy Chris Tierney is congratulated by President Donald.

Chris had 273 points from his best 8 rounds at an average of 34.1 points/round.

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Captains Trophy

Philip Horsburgh winner of the Captain's Trophy congratulated by Captain Harold.

Phillip had 213 points from his best 6 rounds at an average of 35.5 points/round.

Presidents Trophy

Joint Winners of the Presidents Trophy Lindsay Quennell & John Killmister join with Vice-Captain Jeff. Peter Garbellini also shared this prize, but was unable to attend the function.

The winners had 271 points from their best 8 rounds at an average of 33.9 points/round.

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Age 56 to 69 Trophy

Congratulated by Laurie Comerford, Trevor Bottomley won the 55 to 69 Trophy.

Trevor had 204 points for his 6 rounds at an average of 34 points/round.

Age 70 to 75 Trophy

Bruce Keenan winner of the 70 to 75 Age trophy was not present. His prize will be presented in due course.

Bruce had 209 points for his best 6 rounds at an average of 34.8 pts/round.

Age Over 75 Trophy

David Vine winner of the Over 75 Age Trophy. David's prize was presented by Laurie Comerford.

David had 204 points for his 6 rounds at an average of 34 points/round.

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Victorian Veterans Golf Club Presentation luncheon 2019:

Havng given us time to consume our main course, President Donald advised us that:

Its showtime!!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. 

On behalf of the committee I extend a very warm welcome to each and every one of you, to this, our annual christmas lunch and presentation ceremony.

It’s great to see another large turnout, thank you all for coming along today. I’m sure we’ll all have a really good time. A special welcome to Innis Ireland, our sponsor from House of Golf Mentone. Welcome Innis!

This year we are here at Keysborough Golf Club, our first time at christmas. I must say the presentation thus far is excellent!

Can we please show our appreciation to the staff here at Keysborough.

In regard to today’s event, I would like to acknowledge the tremendous work done by our secretary, Jeff Taylor. In getting today’s event ‘up and running’. Well done Jeffee!!

Also help from my wife Pat for her support not only in preparing the ladies gifts but throughout my time as President. Thank you Pat!!

You know its tough being a golfer!. There are such fine margins between defeat and even greater defeat!.  And that’s just the golf. Wait till you go home.

This year, 2019, has been a very special year, our 70thanniversary in fact. We celebrated the occasion with a special golf day at spring valley gc attended by over 70 members and guests. Spring valley is where this club came into being in 1949, before most of you youngsters were born!!

Many people contributed to the hard work that was necessary,under the leadership of our captain, Harold Hayes. Thanks again Harold!!

It takes the dedication of some special people to keep any club going for 70 years. We are very fortunate to have some of those special people here today. I’d now like to introduce our life members and office bearers who have served this club with distinction. 

Let me firstly introduce our life members;

Unfortunately 2 of our life members, Bernie Coyle and Hugh Churchward couldn’t be here today.

Over and above our 70th birthday celebrations, this has been yet another successful year at the Vets, with the introduction of lady members adding to a broader increase in membership and greater participation levels on the golf course. A big part of that is down to the excellent work being done by your committee.

When I call your name can you please stand and remain standing till all committee members are called:

Harold Hayes, Jeff Stevens, Roger Selwood Jeff Taylor, David Vine &Laurie Comerford.

Apologies; Ray Desmond and Daryl Edwards.

Ladies and gentlemen, please show your appreciation.

There are many past office bearers here today;

Thanks gents, you have all been terrific!

If I’ve missed anyone, the cheque is in the post!

As most of you know, I will be retiring at the AGM in February. I must say that it has been a privilege to be involved with this great club over the past decade or so.

At least you won’t need an interpreter at future events

Thanks thanks!. I know “parting is such sweet sorrow"

Which brings to mind the story about the burial service at the graveside. (If you were there you may remember it. If you weren't there you have to imagine it. [editor])

As usual we will have the raffle and distribute the ladies gifts in between the main course and dessert.

After dessert we will be presenting this years prizes to our 2019 winners including our club champion.

Today, it's not only our celebration, Barbara Taylor has a birthday today!
Led by choir-master Colin Wiseman 'Happy Birthday Barbara' echoed acros the room.

Hope you are all having a wonderful time! Best wishes to you all for 2020.

I now call on our esteemed captain, Harold Hayes to say a few words and present the 2019 prizes.

A photographic remembrance of our 2019 Social/Presentation/Christmas lunch at Keysborough on 9th December 2019

Allan Baker and Barry O'Connor
Barb Grant, Elaine Hills and Rhonda Underwood
Barbara Grant with raffle prize
Barry & Pat Pollock
Barry Taylor with Noel Valle
Bev and Tony Villani
Beverley Jenkin
Bill Heron & Beverley Jenkin
Bill Heron, Beverley Jenkin, Marg Holden & Joe Ciirnigliaro
Bless you - my son
Bless you - my son - did it work
Bless you - my son - did it work - yes
Carol Hiscock and Bill Frey
Carol and Jeff Stevens
Club Champion Chris Tierney congratulated by Captain Harold Hayes while President Donald holds the trophy
Club Champion Chris Tierney flanked by Captain Harold and President Donald
Colin Wiseman with Suzanne Giles
Danne Bottomley and Lisa Barber
David & Janice Vine with Tricia and Laurie Comerford
David Vine
David and janice Vine
Denise Robinson with raffle prize
Denise Robinson, Rosa Cirnigliaro & Joan Molloy
Dining at Keysborough
Distributing the ladies gifts
Don Barber & Pat MacDonald
Don Barber Harold Hayes and Donald MacDonald
Don Harrowell, Peter Charlewood, Noel Manning & Shay
Donald Harrowell
Donald MacDonald
Donald and Pat MacDonald
Edith and Lance Bolam
Edwina Huxstep with George & Denise Robinson
Gary & Barbara Morland
George Giles
George Robinson & Harold Hayes
George Robinson
George and Robin Weaver with Barry & Pat Pollock
George and Robin Weaver
George and Suzanne Giles
Harold Hayes and Stan Odachowski
Harold Hayes, Don Barber and Donald MacDonald
Harold Hayes
Helen & Kel Tyler and Norm Grant
Innes Ireland, Peter Charlewood and Donald Harrowell
Isobel Hayes with Trevor Bottomley
Janice Vine with Tricia and Laurie Comerford AND Tex
Jenny Neef and Trish Buzza
Joe Cirnigliaro & Harold Hayes
Joe and Rosa Cirnigliano & Joan Molloy
John Hiscock deciding who'll draw the next raffle prize
John Hiscock
John and Tess Killmister with Roger and Edwina Huxstep
John and Tess Killmister
Kel Tyler, Norm Grant and Ray Underwood
Laurie Comerford presents the over 75 prize to David Vine
Laurie Comerford with Faye Wiseman
Lorna Davey & Pam Baker
Lorna Davey, Pam Baker, Reg Davey and Alan Baker
Lynn & Phil Horsburgh
Marg Holden
Mike Hoyle 2
Mike and Jenny Hoyle
Part of the fun
Pat MacDonald
Peter Charlewood, Donald Harrowell, Noel Manning & Shay McQuade
Phil Horsburgh with Gary Moreland
Phillip Horburgh with Harold Hayes 1
Phillip Horsburgh, Gary & Barbara Moreland
President Donald shows of the Club Champion trophy as Captain Harold makes the announcement
Ray Underwood, John & Linda Curry and Barbara Grant
Reg Davey
Rhonda Underwood with raffle prize
Robin & George Weaver share with Shay McQuade
Roger & Narelle Selwood a
Roger Selwood & Pat MacDonald
Roger and Edwina Huxstep
Roland Neef and Lance Bolam
Rosa Cirnigliaro
Ross Wilson, John Newby, Warren Stahel & Ian Cornish
Sharon Tierney with Katrina Valle
Stan Odachowski with Faye Wiseman
Stan Odachowski, Faye Wiseman & Denise Odachowski
The Keysborough dining room with a compliment of Vets and their partners
Tom Buzza with raffle prize
Trevor Bottomley & Lisa Barber
Trevor McGilton and Bill Heron 1
Trevor and Dianne Bottonley with Lisa and Don Barber
Tricia Comerford

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