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Veterans Golf Club of Victoria

Christmas Lunch at Patterson River on
10th December 2018

Our 2018 Christmas Luncheon and presentation day at Patterson River GC was an outstanding success.

The weather, venue, food and company made for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

There was a record attendance of 109 members and guests, raffle prizes, lady's gifts of elegant pot-plants and cheers for winners of the Club's annual trophies.

The day got off to a great start with President Donald in his full MacDonald Clan kilt entertaining us. Many of his remarks are repeated below.

Captain Harold also told us of a range of interesting items about the Club's History. This can be read here

A photographic remembrance of our 2018 Social/Presentation/Christmas lunch at Patterson River on 10th December 2018

The trophy winners

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Club Champion

Winner of the Club Champion Trophy Noel Manning can't repress a smile.
This is Noel's second win of the Championship having been successful in 2016 as well.

had 287 from his best 8 rounds at an average of 35.9 points/round.

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Captains Trophy

Winner of the Captains Trophy Don Barbour is happy too.

had 222 from his best 6 rounds at an average of 37.0 points/round.

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Presidents Trophy

Trevor Bottomly winner of the President's Trophy congratulated by David Vine.

had 286 from his best 8 rounds at an average of 35.8 points/round.

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Age 55 to 69 Trophy

Ian Hoskins won the 55 to 69 Trophy.

had 203 from his best 6 rounds at an average of 33.8 points/round.

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Age 70 to 75 Trophy

George Weaver won not only the raffle, but also the 70 to 75 Age Trophy - Ray Desmond did the honours .

had 204 from his best 6 rounds at an average of 34.0 points/round.

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Age over 75 Trophy

Ian Hoskins won the 55 to 69 Trophy.

had 202 from his best 6 rounds at an average of 33.7 points/round.

President's talk

Here we go again!!! Where did 2018 go ???

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of the committee I would like to extend a very warm welcome to each and every one of you to our get-together luncheon here at Patterson River Golf Club.
It is really lovely to see such a large turnout. Thank you all for coming along today and making this a very special day.
Some of you may have noticed that today I have jumped the fence.  I´m on the ladies team !! But I did promise some folks in this room that one day I would turn up in my best scottish attire. It´s hardly ´braveheart´ but still breathing, still standing with my clan MacDonald tartan!

You all know the Scots - of course you do!

For instance, there´s a famous sign at an old scottish golf club which says "Members must refrain from picking up lost balls until they have stopped rolling!"

A Scotsman, Englishman, Irishman and Welshman are soldiers together at war in a far-flung country a long way from home. Lo and behold they are all captured together and are then informed by their captors that each one of them will be put in front of a firing squad and shot. However they are each to be granted one last wish.
The Englishman was first to speak, "I would like to hear God Save the Queen sung by the London All Boys Choir, with Morris Dancers parading around to the music, just to remind me of the old country".
The Irishman says, "I would like to hear Danny Boy sung in the manner of Daniel O'Donnell with the Irish dancing group Riverdance, skipping gaily to the music as I dream about the old country".
The Welshman says, "I would like to hear Men of Harlech sung by the Treorchy Welsh Male Choir as I think about the Welsh Hills one more time".  On hearing all this from his colleagues, the Scotsman simply said "I'd like to be shot first".

Scotland is often visited by many Americans, some of whom like to play golf. One such American was on the 1st tee at Old Prestwick (home of the original British Open - true) and was advised by his caddie to take a medium iron to ensure he stayed on the fairway.
Ignoring this advice, the American takes out his driver, hits a huge drive which develops a big slice and finishes up 'out-of-bounds'. The American asks for another ball and proceeds to hit it safely down the fairway. The American says, "back home in the States we call that a "mulligan"  to which the caddie replies "We call that 3 off the tee, Sir".

Aye we're a bad lot!!

First up I'd like to begin by giving a very special welcome to our life members:

Unfortunately another life member, Hughie Churchward and his wife Isobel are unable to be here today. Our best wishes go to both of them.

Another special welcome goes to our sponsor, Innis Ireland from House of Golf Mentone. Innis has been a loyal supporter of the Vets with contributions to our monthly prizes. Thank you Innis.

Welcome to our committee members.

Just before I do that, I´d like to mention that unfortunately Jeff Taylor our club secretary, cannot be here today as he is recovering from a major operation. Latest news is that Jeff continues with his recovery.
Jeff did a lot of the initial work to get this luncheon up and running along with Laurie Comerford who is here today. Laurie has also done a power of work to make today a success.

Now this has been another successful year at the Vets with increased membership and increased participation on the golf course. A big part of that is down to the excellent work being done by your committee: Harold Hayes / Jeff Stevens / David Vine / Ray Desmond / Daryl Edwards / Laurie Comerford & Roger Selwood.
Many thanks to all of you for your hard work in what has been a busy and successful year.

Just like to say a big welcome back to Barry Taylor who has had a rough trot lately. Good to see you baz! Also to Gerry O´Connor. A tough time Gerry, good to see you.

Our thanks go to Patterson River Golf Club for looking after us so well. To Lynn and her colleagues. Our sincere thanks for this lovely setting.

You do know that golf is a game invented by God to punish those that retire too early!!

Later on we will hear a bit about the history of this great club from our Captain, Harold Hayes as we celebrate our 70th anniversary in 2019.
As usual we will have the raffle and distribute the ladies gifts in between the main course and dessert.
After dessert we will be presenting this years prizes to our 2018 winners including our club champion.

Lunch will now be served, so enjoy the meal, a drink and the camaraderie of those around you. Most of all "make sure that you have lots of fun"

Alan & Pam Baker

Alan and Pam Baker

Barbara Grant collects her raffle prize

Barbara Grant- raffle winner

Barry Taylor and guest Gerry O'Conner

Barry Taylor with guest Gerry O'Connor

Barry and Pat Pollock

Bernie and Anne Coyle

Bill & Ann Heron

Bill and Claire Frey

Colin and Faye Wiseman

Daryl and Linda Edwards

Don Barbour winner of the Captains Trophy

Don Barrett and Peter Charlewood

Don and Lisa Barbour

Donald MacDonald

Donald and Pat MacDonald

Enjoying ourselves at Patterson River

Faye Wiseman collects her raffle prize

Gary & Barbara Morland

Gary Moreland

Gary and Pam Finnis

George Weaver - raffle winner

George and Robin Weaver

George and Suzanne Giles

Geroge Weaver collects his raffle prize

Hans Bleeker

Harold Hayes, Donald MacDonald and Jeff Stevens

Harold Hayes, Gary Finnis and Jeff Stevens

Harold and Isobel Hayes

Ian & Bronwyn Richards

Jeff and Carol Stevens

Joe Cignigliaro runner up of the Presidents Trophy

Joe and Rosa Cirnigliaro

John & Carol Hiscock

John Field and Bill Heron

John and Joan Molloy

John and Linda Currie

John and Tessa Killmister

Karl and Eileen Lindberg

Kel & Helen Tyler

Lady in black

Lance and Edith Bolam

Lee Fischer - raffle winner

Linda Edwards collects her raffle prize with help from Daryl

Lindsay and Faye Quennel

Narelle Selwood - raffle winner

Neil & Rosslyn Wilson

Noel & Katrina Valle, Reg & Lorna Davey and Chris & Sharon Tierney

Noel and Jan Manning

Norm and Barbara Grant

Pam Baker - raffle winner

Peter and Lee Fischer

Phillip and Lynn Horburgh

President Donald with honoured guest Innes Ireland

Raffle winner Linda Edwards with Daryl

Ray Desmond and Margaret

Ray Underwood and Alex Johnson

Ray and Rhonda Underwood with guest Elaine Hills

Robon and Sue Miller

Rod and Joan Goode

Roger & Edwina Huxstep with George and Denise Robinson

Roger Selwood collects his raffle prize

Roger and Narelle Selwood

Roland and Jenny Neef

Ron & Dianne Wells

Seating arrangements

Stan and Denise Odachowski

The welcome to Patterson River

Tom and Judith Govern

Tom and Trish Buzza

Trevor and Dianne Bottomley

Tricia Comerford collects her raffle prize

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