Veterans Golf Club of Victoria

A celebration of our 2019 70th birthday at Spring Valley 18th November 2019

Club Culture

When the Victorian Veterans Golf Club was formed in 1949 the Club played its first match at Spring Valley a relatively new Club in Dingley. Not only the first match but Spring Valley remained the Club's playing Course for its weekly golf for some time.

Hence, it was seen as fully apropriate that the Club should celebrate its 70th birthday at Spring Valley.

Financial arrangements for the day were subject to long discussions at the Committee before a final balance was struck. Captain Harold named the event Conor Brown to reflect the help he had from Conor in organising the event.

The Course

The fifth hole

Spring Valley is one of the lesser known 'Melbourne Sandbelt courses'. But that's not to say it's not amongst the best. The fairways were faultless, the bunkers consistent and not overdone, the greens were testing, but fair.

John Field admires the tree while Noel Manning came to play golf!

The course appearance reflecting 70 years of being a golf course was classic with some of the most attractive trees you could imagine.

Reflecting the fact that it was designed as a members course it does not suffer from the modern trend sponsored by the ball industry of putting water everywhere.

Yet another beauty

Instead the penalty for leaving the fairways is trees, dry rough indispersed with sticks and ankle length grass. A snake warning was observed on one hole. At least with this arrangement if you lose your ball in the rough you'll probably find another while looking for it.

The players

Noel Manning & Malcolm Turner

We had a full field of 72 players giving each four their own tee for the shotgun start. Disappointingly the combination of several players ignoring the request by the Captain to be on time** as well as those who failed to pay in advance made life very difficult for the starters.

Waiting on the tee

(**Two players had a reasonable excuse that their GPS units had taken them to a Members Only entrance to the course.)

Brahmagupta Golf

Unfortunately again, the overload on the starters made it difficult to ensure all groups had a score sheet for the Brahmagupta and that all players designated to complete the sheet were fully aware of the task involved.

However, 14 of a possible 18 scoresheets were returned and one group reported their stableford scores which were low enough that they could not have won.

Analysing the scores

This was a learning exercise for all of us. Outstanding errors included:

The highest submitted score was 107 which included a back nine score of 61

The two dozen balls for the event donated by Laurie Comerford were distributed to:

  1. Roger Selwood, Jeff Stevens, Barry Pollock and Bill Frey a ball each for their score of 57 on the front nine
  2. John Field, Malcolm Turner, Noel Manning and Laurie Comerford a ball each for their score of 56 on the back nine.
  3. As we have not been able to identify the winners as yet, 16 balls are held in reserve and could well be used for a further Brahmagupta event next year in conjunction with the Captain/Presidents Trophy.

The full scores can be found at the end of this page.

In the Clubhouse

We comfortably filled the Clubhouse and enjoyed the usual light lunch and bar service

The main raffle for 4 rounds at Spring Valley was won by Harold Hayes (a not inappropriate win for all the work Harold does as Club Captain), while Kel Tyler generously donated back a voucher for four rounds at Lang Lang. This will now be subject of a second draw at Waterford Valley. 

Inside the Clubhouse
Clubhouse photos coutesy of David Heraud
Our winner John Field played an excellent round to have 36 points off his handicap of 11.
As always John recovered brilliantly from his errors and avoided disasters with the putter.

John expressed his delight at playing with the Vets and playing at the beautiful, but challenging Spring Valley course.
Photo courtesy of Gary Finnis


Results from the Conor Brown 70th Birthday stableford event at Spring Valley

Overall winner:

John Field (11) with 36 points won the Anniversary Medallion Medal

Grade winners

A Grade:  Ray Underwood (20)  36 points

B Grade:  Christopher Tierney (27)  35 points

C Grade:  Bill Heron (36)  33 points

Nearest to the Pin:

3rd hole: John Molloy  5th hole: John Field

10th hole: Bruce Keenan  14th hole: George Weaver

Balls down the line:

33 points  Jeff Reynolds (21)  Rex Buckeridge (22)

32 points  Peter Bywaters (7)  John Sutherland (18)  Neil Wilson (31)

31 points  George Weaver (17)  Roger Selwood (23)  Donald Barber (13)

30 points  John Newby (17)  Tony Villani (29)  Rod Goode (30)  Gary Morland (18)


As it was a celebratory day, no NAGA was announced.

Raffle Winner:

Harold HayesFittingly the raffle was won by Captain Harold who put so much work into organising this event

Click here to see the full field result. Click here to close results window
The full field results courtesy of Handicapper Ray Desmond
Click here to see the full Brahmagupta results. Click here to close Brahmagupta results window


36 + 29 = 65

27 + 42 = 69

42 + 33 = 75

44 + 34 = 78

43 + 38 = 81

41 + 36 = 87

32 + 56 = 88

52 + 40 = 92

45 + 48 = 93

49 + 46 = 95

57 + 43 = 100

46 + 61 = 107

218 + 186 = 404

No scores recorded

Player Identification from Score sheet

John Killmister, John Hiscock, Alex Johnson & Peter Bimbi

Peter, Bill & Al


Harold Hayes, Innes Ireland, Don Barrett & illegible


Ray, Gary, Joe & Bill

John Field, Laurie Comerford, Noel Manning & Malcolm Turner

Tony Villani, Bruce Keenan, David Vine and Tess Killmister


Jeff Taylor, Ray Underwood, Allan Logan & John Molloy

Roger Selwood, Jeff Stevens, Barry Pollock & Bill Frey

Without any names, we don't know who won!

Stroke scores were used, not stableford. Names omitted.

Best that names omitted again.

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