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Veterans Golf Club of Victoria

April 2021 Newsletter

President Report:

Members were welcomed to the Churchill/Waverly course by the President who asked the members to thank the Club for their hospitality and presenting the course in great condition.

Starters Harold, Daryl and Peter dispatched the field from two tees from a draw prepared by Captain Jeff. It was great to see 70 percent of the field used the Tap and Play facility which Jeff Taylor swiped the cards on.

Due to some late withdrawals the field of 54 participated in a 2 Ball Aggregate Stableford tournament which included two guests Eric Ferraro and Steve Thornhill who were welcomed receiving a complimentary club ball and now both have been welcomed as members.


We had some kind of record with 34 members unable to attend.

Brag Time

These members boasted on recent rounds, Don Barber, Tess Killmister, Shay McQuade, Rod Search, Harold Hayes, George Weaver, Ian Cornish and yours truly.

VVGA Pairs

Hamilton image not available
While the fairways at Hamilton were great, missing them gave typical unwatered country course surfaces.

HamiltonThe club representatives who ventured to Hamilton for the 4BBB comp saw the of team Ray Desmond and Daryl Edwards finish in third overall with a score of 133. Well done guys.

To those members who have health situations our thoughts are with you and families.

Was good to see our secretary Gary Morland after his knee replacement. To Peter Ross and David Reiger see you soon after rehab.

Our next game is programmed for Cranbourne on the 3rd of May to be confirmed as the greens maybe being cored.

Important news - Our major draw prize.

Our Vets Club major draw will be held at our event at Southern on the 5th of July. Each time you play this year you receive an entry, i.e. if you play in 3 events until that date you will have 3, but if you only hit the fairways once you will only have 1 ticket in the draw. It pays to play - more details to come.

Important - Cranbourne GC Access

With thanks to Chris Tierney who adised us of this, the multi-potholed and overall unpleasant access road to Cranbourne Golf Club has been closed. The course is now accessed from Glasscocks Road. A map of the access is available here

Country Championships

The VVGA Country Championships are to be played at Phillip Island GC with events on Sunday to Tuesday 2nd to 5th May.

Our members are not elegible for the main event, but can play in a 9 hole Stableford on the Sunday and the 4BBB event on the Monday. The Monday also features a Partners (still described as Ladies!) bus tour to the Nobbies and the penguin parade.

Full details are on the entry from here Entries close on 14th April.

Booking for Club events

Some background

In its early days up to about 5 years ago and before the creation of the Club's web site a green folder with a booking/apology page was passed around at the lunch after playing. If you missed the opportunity to complete the sheet you rang the Captain to advise him you were playing as the Captain did and still does has the obligation to advise our host Club the number of players.

Having put your name on the sheet you turned up at the required time and the Starters took your money and placed you in a four more or less based on your arrival time. This more or less random assignment of playing partners was a great feature of the Club as you got to meet most of the members this way.

Also we had smaller fields which meant we all finished within a reasonable time frame.

Current situation

As our host Clubs become more and more financailly stressed they need to charge more and more each year. In his time as Captain, Harold was accutely aware of this and pushed for the Club to increase its playing numbers, so as to maintain our bargaining power with the Clubs.

Also our web site came into play enabling member to book online. So now we have a dual system - the green folder is still passed around and the Captain manually enters the data from the green sheet to the web site while members can still add themselves with a cutoff on the Thursday before the event.

Who do you play with?

As mentioned above in the early days you played at ramdon more or less based on arrival time. Now with larger fields this can lead to much crowding around the initial time and in his role as Vice-captain Jeff Stevens prepared a time sheet and distributed it to members and Jeff and Harold will continue to perform this service.

Preparing the timesheet was very time-consuming and therefor an obvious target for automation. This has been done and members who are booked to play are randomly allocated into fours in a draft timesheet which is then manually adjusted by common sense and special requests before distribution.

Using the online bookng system

The use of the online booking system was described in the September 2016 newsletter.

However, things has changed slighly and many new members will not have seen that article.

After logging in as a member on the web site select Next event from the Member's Index page.

This opens the booking sheet, the active part of which is shown below.

Active section of booking page

The sheet has several options.

  1. The simplest is to book yourself (or another member) to play. Select your name from the pull down list and click on 'Register'.
  2. If you have a guest enter their details, select your name from the pull down list and click on 'Register'. Members cannot correct booked guest arrangments. If anything is incorrect, please advise the Captain.
  3. The next two are similar, if you are apologising or playing with a cart, change to the relevant toggle item, sekect your name and click on 'Register'
    Each of these three options removes any pre-entered items and replaces with the new item.
  4. If you are sharing a cart, it is marginally more complex as you have to select two names before clicking on 'Register pair'. There is no provision for members to alter a booked pair. If a mistake is made, or a changed circumstance arises please advise the Captain.

Winners' image not yet available


Overall winners:

Chris Procter (19) & Shay McQuade (16) with 63 points won the Captain-Presidents Trophy.

Runners up:

John Matthews (28) & Tess Killmister (24) with 62 points

Nearest to the Pin:
images/captainjoke202104.jpg image not yet available

Thanks to the joys of COVID-19 we are unable to measure the NTP values and therefor no NTPs have been awarded

Balls down the line:

61 points Trevor McGilton (33) & Roger Foenander (14)

60 points John Molloy (21) & Patrick Ryan (19)

59 points Daryl Edwards (21) & Mike Hoyle (32)

59 points Bill Heron (36) & Bruce Keenan (21)

images/naga202104.jpg file npt found
He shouldn't do this as we didn't award a NAGA for this event.

NAGA Award:

Door prize Winners:

Birthday boys for April 2021

It has drawn to the attention of the Committee that in the current climate, the joke published in this newsletter was insenstive and inappropriate. The joke selection is entirely in the domain of the Newsletter Editor who apologises for this lapse of judgement.

Next event:

Cranbourne for the Grant Haselgrove Trophy starting at 8:00 on 03rd May

 Tom Buzza ☎ 03 9579 2153 or 0413 144 868 Peter Garbellini ☎ 03 9546 4592 or 0408 569 851 Roland Neef ☎ 03 9570 3043 or 0408 501 992 Jeff Stevens ☎ 0408 222 128

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Last updated: 22 June 2021