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Veterans Golf Club of Victoria

September 2019 Newsletter


President Donald welcomed all of us to Churchill/Waverley Golf Club and the stableford competition for the Bernie Coyle Trophy. He asked all present to thank the club for the use of their facilities, and their generous donation of our main raffle prize.  Heavy overnight rain affected the course, in particular the bunkers which were damp and with some casual water present.  Donald expressed his hope that all the 'dads' present were spoiled rotten by their families on the Sunday (Father's Day).

Donald also took a moment to thank Chris Thorne on behalf of the members for his magnificent donation of a monthly prize to our raffle which entitles the winner to a 'window cleaning package' (valued at $100) donated by Chris's company.  To have such a prize being donated at every monthly raffle is just so generous.  Many thanks Chris!
Also, any members who are in need of such a service may wish to consider Chris's company for the job.  As with each member, Chris's details are on our members database.  Give him a call!

Under the stewardship of Daryl Edwards and John Hiscock our raffle continues to be a successful source of club funds.  These funds are used directly to keep our matchday costs competitive (green fees, lunch) so please continue to support our raffle.

Prior to normal business, our webmaster Laurie Comerford was asked by Captain Harold to explain how members could better insure that they were receiving emails from Committee members (such as Captain or Webmaster) via our website.  In most cases, emails arrived at members computers, tablets and smartphones in a straightforward manner and went straight to that member's inbox.  However in some cases these emails could either finish up in your 'junk' box or in your 'bundle'box.  Laurie stressed that if this is the case in any particular member's email service, then that problem is being caused by how the member's email service has been set up.  It has nothing to do with our website.  Please check these 'boxes' while looking at your emails.  If you find any emails there, then you have to make changes at your end so that emails from the Vets website goes straight to your inbox.

Number of Players / Guests:

We had a good turnout today, with 50 players involved in the competition.  There were no guests today.


There were 20 apologies noted for this month:
Trevor Bottomley, Don Barrett, Peter Charlewood, Bernie Coyle, Steven Hassan, Bill Heron, Ian Hoskins, Alex Johnson, Karl Lindberg, Allan Logan, Shay McQuade, Alan Millard, Gary Morland, Roland Neef, Stan Odachowski, Ken Pride, Ian Richards, Peter Ross, Warren Stahel &, George Weaver.
It's pleasing to see members using the web site to issue apologies as this helps Captain Harold for event organisation.

Starters today:

Donald and the members thanked Harold Hayes, Noel Manning and Tony Villani who got us all away with the partial-shotgun start, in good order.  Well done guys!   Please take pride in your club and always ensure that you "keep up with the group in front of you". That is the number one priority we have in terms of efficient golf.  ('ready golf')  Thanks were again given to both Harold Hayes and Peter Ross for their hard work in making the registration of players, and the speedy efficient dispatch of playing groups such a success.

It is important to note that the much improved starting process relies very heavily on members being ready to play at the alloted time, especially those on carts as any delay causes a domino effect on playing groups.  That means that you must be at your nominated tee for the required tee-off time as specified by our Captain.

As previously mentioned, we cannot proceed without volunteers to run these events every month, so please consider helping out as a starter, as it is a bit of fun and it is by far the best way of meeting your fellow Club members.

Membership News:

Note: Our October monthly competition will actually be on 30th September.

It will be at Lang Lang GC for the Ken Gangell Perpetual Trophy. This event is a shotgun start with all players required to be on the tees by 8am at Lang Lang.  Our Captain, Harold Hayes will advise us as to the time he would like members to turn up to ensure a smooth shotgun start.  The booking sheet was circulated during our lunchtime.
Please consider "car-sharing" for Lang Lang given the driving distance involved.  2 or 3 members together on the journey makes a lot of sense in this case.

Would all members please note that our usual November outing to Cranbourne GC has been brought forward by 1 week to better manage our calendar schedule for a busy November. Cranbourne will now be held on Monday 28th October

There are a few major events in the pipeline including, our 70th anniversary special event at Spring Valley GC on Monday 18th November, 2019.  The online booking sheet will soon be open for this special day.  Members costs are ; $60 green fees/lunch and $20 each for those who wish to share a cart.  Please book your carts direct with Spring Valley once you have agreed on a cart partner.  Keep Captain Harold informed by using the online booking system on our website.  Remember that guests are welcome on the day as usual, however their fees for the day are $85 green fees/lunch.  Carts are the same as members.

Also on the horizon is our annual Xmas luncheon and Awards ceremony which will take place at Keysborough GC on Monday 9th December, 2019. Details of this event will be circulated by Secretary Jeff Taylor in the next week or so.

Regrettably there will be no Brighton GC Challenge match this year or in 2020.  No decision as yet as to how this  schedule gap may be utilised.

CoM Business:

This report summarises the business matters addressed by your Committee of Management on Sept 2nd 2019.

  1. Work being done on  "Golfer's Personal Liabilities Insurance" is virtually complete.  Donald will communicate a brief summary of the findings to our members prior to our next event. Questions can be raised at either our Lang Lang comp or our Cranbourne comp.
  2. 2020 Schedule has been finalised and sent to the VVGA for printing.  Parmaker books will be issued to members when we get them from the VVGA.
  3. Club Constitution and Governance review will be completed and taken to the 2020 AGM in February for member consideration and ratification.
  4. Succession Planning discussions continue to evolve.  The President will contact each member outlining both the needs and the opportunities for our members to put themselves forward for Committee roles, again in time for our 2020 AGM.
  5. Initial thoughts were expressed on a new role within our Club which will focus entirely on membership, both the retention of existing members and strategies to raise our new membership numbers to at least 120.  Our members are our most important asset.

Special Achievements:

In the past month or so these achievements were noted;

  • John Currie won at Rossdale on Sat 24th August with a total of 36pts.  Well played John!
  • Donald Harrowell won the Wed Par comp at Brighton on August 21st with a score of +6 (h/cap 21)  Terrific golf Donald!
  • Down at Centenary Park GC,  Chris Tierney won a special comp (aggregate of best points scores on each of 18 holes over an 8 week period) with a total of 60pts.  Known as the "Eclectics" Chris came out on top.  Great scoring Chris!

We look forward to more success on the golf course in the coming weeks.  Go Vets!

Vets Web Site:

The problem of missing emails were ruled out as explained by Laurie (see above).  The website continues to underpin the smooth operation of our great Club.  Any ideas or queries?  Please contact Laurie by email (details on the members database).

Emails to members:

Laurie advised that members should expect to get emails from the Club in the following circumstances:

    Database issues

    None of the items below are relevant unless there is an accurate email address in our database. Obviously, without this, no one can get an email from the Club.

  1. The membership data has just been added to the database in which case an email is sent advising of the contents of the database as it relates to the member.
  2. Membership data has been edited in which case an email is sent detailing the change made and showing the replaced data.
  3. Each year the Secretary writes to all members showing the data about them from the database and requesting the member to advise of any required changes.
  4. Regular communication

  5. Each month the Webmaster writes to all members to advise that the latest newsletter has been posted. This is usually a few days after the previous event.
  6. Before each event the Captain writes to members playing in the event with the latest details of the event.
  7. Before each event the Captain writes to the starters administrative instructions for the event.
  8. Irregular communication

  9. From time to time the President, Captain, Secretary or other Committees members may write to members about an item if immediate interest.


It is the clear intention of the Club that members are fully aware of all their data the Club holds in its database and that this data is as accurate as possible. Other than publishing contact details to other members, the data is not shared with anyone or any other organisation.

Question time:

There being no member's questions, President Donald then handed over to our Captain, Harold Hayes.




Overall winner:

Donald Barber (13) with 37 points won the Bernie Coyle Trophy

Our winners receive a $40 House of Golf voucher for their effort.

Grade winners

A Grade:  Laurie Comerford (17)  30 points

B Grade:  Bill Dooley (24)  31 points

C Grade:  John Killmister (29)  30 points

Nearest to the Pin:

3rd hole: Christopher Thorne  6th hole: Chris Procter

11th hole: Donald Barber  17th hole: John Newby

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Need we say more

Balls down the line:

30 points  Gary Finnis (25)

29 points  Reginald Davey (24)  Bruce Keenan (25)  Rod Goode (30)

28 points  Philip Horsburgh (29)  Daryl Edwards (23)  Peter Garbellini (15)  David Vine (17)

NAGA Award:

Jeff Taylor

Naga image not yet available

Door prize Winners:


George Giles celebrated his good day at Churchill/Waverley by winning the raffle allowing him and three of his friends to play again at Churchill/Waverley.

With sufficient ingenuity anything will do.


Birthday boys for September 2019

Congratulations and best wishes to our members whose birthday falls in SeptemberPicture

5th  Peter Garbellini  73

6th  Peter Fischer  71

7th  Gina Thorne  52     Ross Rowley  63

14th  Neil Wilson  70

15th  Robert Franks  76

16th  John Killmister  74

18th  Alan Millard  69

25th  Rod Goode  80

26th  Bill Dooley  73

27th  George Weaver  71

The Brother-in-law


A man suffered a serious heart attack while shopping in a store. The store clerk called 000 when they saw him collapse to the floor. The paramedics rushed the man to the nearest hospital where he had emergency open heart bypass surgery. He woke from surgery to find himself in the care of nuns at the Catholic Hospital. A nun was seated next to his bed holding his hand. After he became fully conscious the nun picked up a clipboard loaded with several forms, and a pen.

She asked him how he was going to pay for his treatment, "Do you have health insurance?" she asked.

He replied in a raspy voice, "No health insurance."

The nun asked, "Do you have money in the bank?"

He replied, "No money in the bank."

"Do you have a relative who could help you with the payments?" asked the irritated nun.


He said, "I only have a spinster sister, who, as it happens, is a nun."

This annoyed the nun who became agitated and announced loudly, "Nuns are not spinsters! Nuns are married to God!"

The patient replied,

"Perfect. Send the bill to my brother-in-law."

First next event

Lang Lang, 8am shotgun start on 30th September

Next event:

Cranbourne for the House of Golf Mentone Trophy starting at 7:15 on 28th October

 Joe Cirnigliaro ☎ 03 9583 5086 or 0409 027 500 John Molloy ☎ 03 9583 5331 or 0430 500 905 George Robinson ☎ 419888568 or 0419 888 568 Roger Selwood ☎ 0417 323 308

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