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Veterans Golf Club of Victoria

January 2017 Newsletter


President Bernie said we made it to a new year and welcomed all members to what he hoped would be a successful New Year, where we play great golf and enjoy the best health possible.

He also welcomed us to Keysborough Golf club and asked all present to thank the Club for the use of their facilities.

He thanked Ronnie Chong, Ian Hoskins and Guiseppi Cirnigliaro for playing with him - he enjoyed it.

Number of Players:

He said that today we had a great list of players with 65, our biggest ever attendance. Thanks for making the effort to come and to keep our Club strong.


We have a few apologies today  -  Lance Bolam, John Farrow, Gary Finnis, Norm Gale, Leo Gamble, Tom Govern, Chris Proctor, Trevor Spence, John Sutherland, Ray Underwood, Kel Tyler and Donald McDonald.


We also have five guests today and we welcome them all. Ian Hoskins is the first and we welcome him, Peter Brewster is a guest of Al Abraham, Roland Neef is a guest of Tom Buzza , David Davies is a guest of Harold Hayes and Robert Blanche is a guest of Gary Morland. Can we please give each a ball and four have joined? Thanks to those who have brought them along and also to Ian Hoskins who I believe joined through our website -  wonderful and a very special welcome, Ian. 

When members bring a guest please ask them for their Golflink Number, if they have one, or provide the Handicapper with a guideline to their playing standard.

Starters today:

Bernie thanked George Weaver and Peter Ross for their help today. These guys are regular helpers and we appreciate the huge effort they put in each year. We cannot proceed without volunteers to run these events every month, so please consider helping as it is a bit of fun and you get to know more members of the club.

Raffle Prize:

He reminded us of our agreement with the Innes Ireland at the House of Golf Brighton, who are subsidising our winners' vouchers and urged us to support them. This company has done much for us and we need to make sure that we use all the vouchers given to us as prizes and their deals are very competitive. Please go and see Innes at his new super store near DFO at Moorabbin Airport which is now open.

Special Achievements:

Bernie stated that the past month was successful for some of our members and we congratulate them on their achievements.

He asked if there were any more good performances - but there were none?

If you do win, please let me know as we sometimes miss the notices.


Bernie stated that we need to keep bringing along new members. He urged all members to look around and ask their friends to come along.

Club Gear

He stated that the Marketing Manager was again heartbroken to see so many players not wearing the club gear and he reminded us that the Club polo shirts and jumpers are available from Daryl Edwards.

Vets Web Site

It is up and running and performing well, except the fact that someone hacked it and played with our starters list, so we have had to password protect it. I hope that it was not Vladimir Putin playing with our site as well as the American elections!!!!

Another new feature on the Booking sheet are an ability to nominate a shared Cart Partner. Note that it is still the responsibility of the Cart pair to book the cart at the Course.

Question time

He asked if there were any other issues that members would like to raise??
Bernie then handed over to Captain Donald.


While his playing partners Peter Charlewood and Philip Horsburgh show their driving style, Chris Thorne rues his lack of effort on the 180m hit to here. Yet aother eagle missed by a quarter roll and having to settle for the Albatross equivalent of 5 points with the birdie!

Chris Thorne hit the shot of year with a 180m hit which stopped a quarter roll from the hole. He had to settle for the Albatross equivalent of 5 points following the birdie tap in!

Web site changes

As advised by the Captain in an email earlier this month we have relucantly changed our booking sheet to require a password. For future events we have made a further change to the sheet which will only affect those sharing a cart.
The booking page has an extra line to be used only for listing a pair of players who will share a cart..
PictureTo do this, select the two player names as shown below:Pictureand click on the Register pair icon. There is no need to select the 'Playing with cart' option in this case.


The cart pair will be listed in the Players display like this, with a normal and still functioning cart entry for Hugh Churchward shown as well.

Once a player is registered as part of a cart pair, that player cannot have their category changed. If you need to change a players category the only solution is to advise the Captain.  Trying from the booking sheet will create a message along the lines of this at the top of the page.

Picture captain



Vice Captain Harold welcomed members to Keysborough Golf Club for today's event.

Overall winner:

Terry Donohue (18) with 43 points won the Bill Fitzsimmons Trophy.

He received a $30 House of Golf voucher for his effort.

Grade winners

A Grade:  Trevor Bottomley (18)  37 points

B Grade:  Lindsay Quennell (25)  43 points

C Grade:  Rod Goode (31)  41 points

Nearest to the Pin: Picture

3rd hole: Roger Selwood  8th hole John Molloy

12th hole: Rod Goode  14th hole: Trevor Bottomley

Not all of us can cope with email!.

Balls down the line:

40 points  Reginald Davey (27)

38 points  Tom Buzza (35)

37 points  Jeff Stevens (22)   Ken Pride (28)   Al Abraham (22)

36 points  Peter Bimbi (15)   Noel Valle (30)   John Molloy (22)


NAGA Award:

Colin Wiseman spent some time checking which of these he'd succumbed to. Judging by his anxiety to grab the Black Cap more than a few items may have been in play.

Raffle Winner:


Michael Montgomery celebrated his good day at Keysborough by winning the raffle allowing him and three of his mates to play again at Keysborough with carts.

Birthday boys for January 2017

Congratulations and best wishes to our members whose birthday falls in JanuaryPicture

14th  Taffy Davies  68

17th  Peter Bimbi  57

20th  Laurie Comerford  77

23rd  John Hiscock  67

27th  Spiro Sparsi  65

28th  Allan Logan  56

29th  Mike Bainbridge  66


The joys of an old fashioned biker:

For years he'd worked as a Hell's Angels enforcer, but time had caught up, he'd popped his clogs and descended to Hell. The receptionist passed him over to an escort to show hime around and let him settle in. He would be offered a choice staying in one of the three rooms of Hell.


Looking in the first room he noticed all the people there were standing up to their chests in freezing water.  Not very appealing and he immediately rejected it. I can't stay like that he thought.

He looked in the second room and all the people in there were standing up to their chests in boiling water. Even less appealing.  There's got to be something better he hoped.


There was. Looking in the third room and saw all the people in there standing in sewage, but only up to their calves and they were smoking.


Phew! I can live with this he thought and agreed to move into the room, lighting a cigarette as he entered..

He's barely had a drag when a stentorian voice announced: "Smokos over. Back on your hands!"

Next event:

Rossdale for the Royce Hollingworth Trophy starting at 7:15 on 06th February

 John Currie ☎ 03 9580 5520 Terry Donohue ☎ 03 9587 1507

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