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November 2016 Newsletter

Nov 2016 Newsletter VVGC


President Bernie  welcomed all members to Cranbourne and thanked the Club for the use of their excellent course and facilities. The day was a lot better than our last outing at Ranfurlie from a weather perspective.

He thanked Gary Finnis, Daryl Edwards and Tom Buzza for playing with him - he enjoyed it.

Over the last few weeks, one of our members rang to say he felt he could not play anymore due to his health. That was a bit sad but we have agreed that when this happens and, it will happen one day to all of us, we will add the members name to our Social Members list to ensure that they still receive our newsletters and things like an invitation to our Christmas Lunch. In this case it was Brian Guinane who has been an active member since he joined nine years ago. I played with Brian quite a few times and enjoyed his company, chatting with him and his golf. On behalf of the Club and all its members, we wish Brian all the best and I hope we will see him in December at the Christmas Lunch.

Number of Players:

He said that today we had a great list of players with 56, one of our biggest ever attendances. Thanks for making the effort to come and to keep our Club strong.


We have quite a few apologies today as they were unable to play  - Trevor Bottomley, Terry Brownscombe, Neal Hills, Alex Johnson, Geraud L'Hullier, Ian Lacey, Ray Underwood, Neil Wilson, Ronnie Chong, Ken Griffiths, Harold Hayes, Stan Odachowski and Colin Wiseman.


Three guests today - two introduced by Jeff Taylor our Secretary - thanks Jeff. Firstly, Steve Norrey and secondly Colin Wenman. Also, Peter Bimbi from BGC, introduced by David Heraud - thanks David.
Each was given a ball.

A very warm welcome and I hope that you may come and join us.

Please remember if you do bring a guest please ask them for their Golflink Number, if they have one, or provide the Handicapper with a guideline to their playing standard.

Starters today:

Bernie thanked Jeff Stevens and John Killmister for their help today - it was very efficient and quick. We cannot proceed without volunteers to run these events every month so please consider helping!

Raffle Prize:

He reminded us of our agreement with the Innes Ireland at the House of Golf Brighton, who are subsidising our winners' vouchers and urged us to support them. This company has done much for us and we need to make sure that we use all the vouchers given to us as prices and their deals are very competitive. Please go and see Innes at his new store near DFO at Moorabbin Airport which opens in the next week or so.

Special Achievements

Bernie stated that the past month was successful for some of our members and we congratulate them on their achievements.

Kel Tyler won C grade at Riversdale on 22nd Sept with 43 pts off 27.

John Hiscock won at Long Island on 25 October with 40 pts off 18.

John Sutherland won again at Brighton on 29 October, when he won the Singles Matchplay Championship 2 and 1. 

It also appears that the few warmer days we have had, have bought out the fair weather golfers like myself. Ray Desmond was narrowly beaten in a playoff for the Three Event Medley title at Brighton recently - a great effort to get there.  Jeff Taylor was runner up at his new club Patterson River with a net 69( his best ever score ) and John Killmister also had a great round at Patt River, with 39 pts to come in second. I also had plus 5 or 41 points at Brighton on Saturday and could only manage third! It gets a bit tough when the sun starts to shine as the golf gets better, but we love it!

He asked if there were any more good performances - but there were none?

If you do win, please let me know as we sometimes miss the notices.


Bernie stated that we need to keep bringing along new members. He urged all members to look around and ask their friends to come along.

Club Gear

He stated that the Marketing Manager was heartbroken to see so many players not wearing the club gear and he reminded us that the Club polo shirts and jumpers are available from Daryl Edwards.

Vets Web Site

Development of the web site is largely complete.  The members booking page is again available under the Members tab in the index. On the day we play we will circulate the green folder as usual, then the Captain will put it on the website the day after and you can then add your name or put in an apology if you need to withdraw. Use of the web will stop at midnight on the Thursday before the following game, after which you will need to ring or email the Captain, as we need time to allow the starters to prepare the cards for game day.

The continuing work on the site is to proof read the whole site for errors and finalise systems including help files for ongoing input of the newsletter.

Please advise Secretary Jeff if you find any errors in your data.

Using the members booking page

The Club's green folder will continue in use as the main source of bookings for the following events as it is an important part of our social interaction. Members present at an event and intending to play at the next event should fill in their name on the form.

If you are unable to sign the form for any reason or you wish to change your playing status you can open the web booking page, pull down your name from the name list and select your playing option from: Playing, (the default option) Playing with cart or Apology.

If you have a guest, complete the guest's details and leave yourself listed as Playing (or change to Playing with cart).

Then click on the Register icon.  The display will update to show the new information you have entered.  If your name is shown as Playing and you wish to withdraw, simply select your name from the list and select the Apology icon, then click on the Register icon.

It is not necessary to own a computer to use the members booking page. You can access it from smart phones and tablets as well as computers. Nearly all public libraries have computers with free internet access and so you can book from there as well.

Special notice

Don't forget the Christmas and Presentation lunch at Rossdale on 12 December. You need to attend as you never know, you may have won of the eight trophies or win one of the nine Christmas hampers. It is great value for money this year as the price is only $25 per person with the balance subsidised from our reserves. This cost is well down from last year and still includes a great two course meal and free raffle tickets to win a hamper.

We currently have 97 people attending and you need to pay on the day.

Question time

He asked if there were any other issues that members would like to raise??
Bernie then handed over to the Captain.


David Vine and Ray Desmond show their swings, while David and Bill Dooley practise for their Explorer's licences

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Birthday boys for November 2016

Congratulations and best wishes to our members whose birthday falls in NovemberPicture

9th  Barry Pollock  79

14th  John Sutherland  76

22nd  John Marshall  64     Jeff Casley  61

23rd  Gary Finnis  71

27th  Christopher Thorne  58


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Next event:

Centenary Park for the Bob Leverington Trophy starting at 7:15 on 05th December

 Ronnie Chong ☎ 0431 065 874 Robin Miller ☎ 0412494100

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