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Veterans Golf Club of Victoria

May 2016 Newsletter


President Bernie welcomed all members to beautiful Cranbourne, especially those who have not played here before. He thanked the Club for the use of their course and facilities. He also thanked Don Barrett, Peter Charlewood and Laurie Comerford for playing with him - he enjoyed it. A special welcome back to our Captain, Donald MacDonald.

Number of Players:

He said that today we had 48 starters - a magnificent result.


Today we have a few of apologies - Harold Hayes, John Hiscock, Chris MacGeorge, Stan Odachowski, Robin Miller, Gary Finnis, and Ian Lacey.

Sick List:

Good to see most of those who have been ill back with us playing. As we all age a little we seem to hear stories every week about one of us who is ill. This month we have Alan Millard with the flu, Neal Hills with pneumonia, Rob Bailey, Daryll Gangell and Paul Haramis all ill. We wish them all a speedy recovery. He said that he hoped you have all had your flu shots for this year.


Today we have three guests. Trevor Bottomley who is a guest of Ray Underwood. Stan Oliver who is a guest of Ronnie Chong and finally, Neil Street, who is a guest of Peter Ross. Welcome gents, I hope you enjoyed today and may consider joining us. Special thanks to Ray, Ronnie and Peter for bringing these guests along. Footnote - Trevor and Neil joined today.

Starters today:

Bernie thanked Peter Ross and Rod Goode for their help today. We cannot proceed without volunteers to run these events every month and we really appreciate your assistance. Please consider helping - if you are worried about doing so, then don't be, as would roster you on with someone who has done it before. You will enjoy the experience.

Raffle Prize:

Bernie also reminded us of our agreement with the House of Golf Brighton, who are subsidising all of our winners' vouchers and urged us to support them.

Ray Desmond (again) won the raffle prize of a game for 4 with carts at Cranbourne

Special Achievements

Bernie stated that he knew of several this month.

He asked if there were any more but there were none?  If you do win, please let me know as we sometimes miss the notices.


Bernie stated that we need to keep bringing along new members, as did Ray, Ronnie and Peter today. He urged all members to look around and ask their friends to come along.

Club Gear

He reminded us that the Club polo shirts and jumpers are available from Daryl Edwards.

Vets Web Site

Site sevelopment continues, thanks to Laurie Comerford . Our only method to register for the next game is on the sheet being circulated today. If you miss this, call the captain to be included as a player or an apology or on the unwell list. We will be fully operational electronically later this year, but our primary registration medium for the next game will always be the sheet circulated at each game as this is an important social medium for us vets.

Webmaster's notes

New things on the web this month include:

Special notice

As we all get a bit older we may like to sleep in a little in winter. So to help, until September, we will be teeing off at 8.15am. Did anyone forget today and get here at the old time??

He asked if there were any other issues that members would like to raise??
He stated that our Captain, is going to have a few "procedures" done shortly and we wish him all the best.
Bernie then handed over to the Captain Donald MacDonald for the results of today's game..



Donald welcomed members to Cranborne Golf Club for today's event.

Overall winner:

Ronnie Chong (27) with 39 points won the Grant Haselgrove Trophy.

He received a $30 House of Golf voucher for his effort.

Grade winners

A Grade:  Lance Bolam (16)  35 points (c/b)

B Grade:  Don Barrett (20)  35 points

C Grade:  Noel Valle (28)  36 points

Nearest to the Pin:Donald's joke image

3rd hole: Bill Dooley  8th hole Ken Griffiths

12th hole: Gary Morland  14th hole: Al Abraham

Balls down the line:

35 points  Bernie Coyley (19),  Hans Bleeker (36)

34 points  Brian Guinane (33)

33 points  Al Abraham (20),  Terry Brownscombe (18),  Neil Street (16),  Ray Desmond (24)

Oops! Our NAGA image is missing

32 points  Barry Taylor (34)

NAGA Award:

Ken Pemberton carded our third NAGA award for the year.

Birthday boys for May 2016

Congratulations and best wishes to our members whose birthday falls in MayPicture

2nd  Allen McAuliffe  59

7th  Colin Holmes  56

9th  Ray Underwood  77

12th  Ross Wilson  69

17th  Gary Morland  64

19th  Karl Lindberg  75

24th  Eric Ferraro  58

25th  Johannes Tetteroo  65

27th  Bill Cribbes  67

31st  Donald Harrowell  68

Hanging there

Amy, a blonde city girl married a Queensland cattle farmer.

One morning, on his way out to check on his stock, the farmer says to Amy, " The vet. is coming over to impregnate one of our cows today.  I drove a nail into the 2 by 4 just above the cow's stall in the shed.  You show him where the cow is when he gets here, okay?".

The farmer leaves for the paddocks.  After a while, the vet. arrives where-upon Amy takes him down to the shed.

They walk along the row of stalls and when she sees the nail, she tells him, "This is the one right here."

Irish coalminers

The vet., assuming he is dealing with an air head blonde, asks, "Tell me lady, 'cause I'm dying to know, how do YOU know this is the cow to be bred?"

"That's simple.  By the nail over its stall", she very confidently explained.

Laughing rudely at her, the vet. says, "And what the hell is the nail for?"

The blonde turns to walk away and says sweetly over her shoulder,

"I guess it's to hang your pants on."

Next event:

Southern for the Keith Allen Trophy starting at 8:00 on 06th June

 John Molloy ☎ 03 9583 5331 or 0430 500 905 Jeff Stevens ☎ 0408 222 128

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