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October 2015 Newsletter


President Bernie  welcomed all members to Centenary Park GC, especially those who have not played here before. He thanked the Club for the use of their course and facilities.

He also thanked Donald MacDonald, our Captain, for arranging such a good lunch.

He stated that a few short years ago, we lost Bob Leverington, whose trophy we played for today. It is fitting that we now remember his wife Joan, who died last week, as she was a great supporter of our club. Bernie asked all to be upstanding for a short time and to remember her in your thoughts.

Number of Players:

Today we had 45 starters — an excellent roll up considering the potential for hot conditions.


Apologies were received from Daryl Edwards, who is swanning around in China, John Hiscock who is playing elsewhere, Chris MacGeorge, Roger Selwood, Ian Lacey, Don Barrett, Lance Bolam and Mike Bainbridge.

Sick List:

Bernie advised that Bill Frey has had his open heart surgery and is coming along really well. Also Alan Millard and Ray Desmond are both laid low with crook backs.


We have one guest today - Johnny Lambert all the way from Ireland for a wedding. We welcome him and thank John Molloy for bringing him along.

Starters today:

Bernie thanked Lindsay Quennell for his help today.

Raffle Prize:

He reminded us of our agreement with the House of Golf Brighton, who are subsidising all of our winners' vouchers and urged us to support them.

The committee is also happy to receive other donations for raffle prizes, so please help if you can.

Bernie said the raffle prize today was a round of golf here at Centrenary Park.

Our Irish guest Johnny Lambert drew our raffle and initiated a genuine scramble. The first drawn winner - with a green ticket was unable to accept the prize so returned it for a redraw.
The second drawn winner - also on a green ticket was also unable to accept the prize so returned for the second redraw.
Was there another green ticket drawn? - Yes! And, again, the prize was re-donated as that winner couldn't accept either! Eventually, another coloured ticket turned up and a winner was able to accept the prize!

VETS v Brighton Golf Club

He mentioned that we won the annual game against BGC again due to the sole efforts of George Giles who had 48 points. We done George and I believe the handicapper has been along to play with your handicap.

VETS at Maffra

It is also of interest that a group of players travelled to Maffra at their own expense to participate in the VVGA's Teams Championships. None of our teams won, but a great time was had by all, including all our wives. The winning team was a local group from Maffra with 189 points, whilst our results were as follows:-

Special Achievements

Bernie stated that he knew of one this month - our Vice President Gary Finnis who won at Rossdale last week with a score of 42 pts off a handicap of 25. Well done.

If you do win, please let President Bernie know as often the news media does not publish results.


Bernie stated that we need to recruit more members and he asked all to help. If you have friends who may like to play, encourage them to come along and have a game with us. They might like to join.

Vets Web Site

To make our website easier to use for members using smart-phones or tablets, Laurie has been revamping many of the pages. Old newsletters will not change, but over time most of the other pages on the web site will. An unfortunate side effect of this change is that the page appearance on computers will not be as elegant as the current site.

Remember - www.vetsgolfvic.org.au.

Next year's draw has been approved by the Committee and may be viewed on the web site by the time you see this newsletter.

65th Anniversary

He reminded us that the 65th Anniversary polo shirts and club gear are available from Daryl Edwards.

Question Time

He asked if there were any other issues that members would like to raise?? There were none, so Bernie handed over to the Captain.


Captain Donald has supplied some cartoons illustrating the joys of golf. They will be added to the newsletter over the next many months.

Donald welcomed members to Centenary Park Golf Club for today's event.

Overall winner:

In warmish conditions Terry Brownscombe (16) with 40 points continued his good form and won the Bob Leverington Trophy to go with his June win of the Keith Allen Trophy.

Unfortunately Terry had to leave early, so we can't show you him with the trophy, but here's the trophy.

He received a $30 House of Golf voucher for his effort.

Grade winners

A Grade:  Bernie Coyles (17)  37 points (c/b)

B Grade:  Tom Govern (26)  37 points

C Grade:  Noel Manning (30)  39 points

Nearest to the Pin:

2nd hole: Jeff Stevens  8th hole Al Abraham

13th hole: Kelvin Tyler  18th hole: John Farrow

Balls down the line:

37 points  George Weaver

36 points  John Farrow  Barry Pollock

35 points  Malcolm Turner  Reg Davies  Ken Pride

34 points  George Giles  David Vine

NAGA Award:Oops! Our image is missing

Jeff Taylor was the skilled winner. Was that trip to the UK to blame?

Birthday boys for October 2015

Congratulations and best wishes to our members whose birthday falls in October

1st  Neal Hills  80

6th  Robin Miller  78

9th  Noel Manning  74

15th  Wayne Lamb  71

22nd  Peter Bryan  73     Ken Chamberlain  65

23rd  Kelvin Tyler  79

29th  Ken Pride  76

31st  Leo Gamble  81

Out of the mouths of babes.

My wife hosted a dinner party for all our friends, some we hadn't seen for quite a while, and everyone was encouraged to bring their children as well.

All during dinner my wife's best friend's four-year-old stared at me sitting across from her.

The girl could hardly eat her food for staring.

I checked my shirt for spots, felt my face for food, patted my hair in place but nothing stopped her from staring at me.

I tried my best to just ignore her but finally it was too much for me. I finally asked her "Why are you staring at me?"

Everyone at the table had noticed her behaviour and the table went quiet for her response.

The little girl said,

"I'm just waiting to see how you drink like a fish.".

Next event

Cranbourne GC for the Australian Pensioners Trophy starting at 7:15 on 9th November.


Gary Finnis & TBA

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