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January 2015 Newsletter

On Monday 19 December 2015 we played at Churchill Park Golf Club. Our game on the day was a Stableford event for the Bill Fitzsimmons Trophy.


President Bernie welcomed all members to Churchill Park GC.

Special Note:

Bernie advised members that last Saturday we lost a good friend and former Vice Captain of this Club to Prostate Cancer Peter Kearney. He asked members to stand for a short while as a mark of respect for Peter and his efforts.

He then asked members to put their hands together to show their appreciation for the Golf Club here for allowing us to use their facilities and lunch. It was always a pleasure to come here.

Number of Players:

There were 51 starters on the day.


Apologies were received from George Giles and Barry Pollock.

Sick List:

Reg Davey, Wayne Lamb and Ray Underwood.


We had two guests today: Stewart Allen, guest of Roger Selwood and Ian Lacey, guest of Gerry OConnor. Ian joined on the day.

Welcome, and thanks to Roger and Gerry for bringing them along.

Starters today:

Bernie thanked our starters on the day, Lance Bolam and Harold Hayes. Well done.

Raffle Prize:

He reminded members that we now have an agreement with the House of Golf at Brighton whereby they are subsidising all our winners vouchers, so please support the House of Golf at Brighton and tell them you are from the Vic Vets group.

Special Achievements:

There were five known achievements in the past month:

Web site:

It is up and running and looks great www.vetsgolfvic.org.au. All the photos from the very enjoyable Christmas lunch at Rossdale are on it, plus our Honour Boards, past and present Committee Members and Trophy winners over the years. All recent Newsletters are on it as well and in the future, this may be the only way to read our Newsletters.

Finding the Web site:

Because this information is only available on the web site it means you have already found it!!!

However, for future consideration and those unfamiliar with the internet, the web site can always be accessed through its direct address of www.vetsgolfvic.org.au.

To use this address simply type it into the address bar of your web browser. You can also save it as a favourite.

Searching with Google or other search engines

Depending on the relative rarity of your name on the internet, you may be able to find the site by searching for your name, or your name plus the word golf. As an example, the words Bernie Coyle Golf will find the site in Google and Bing, but not Yahoo which completely ignores our site.

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Parmaker Books:

If anyone wants one, see Secretary Stan after the presentations.

65th Anniversary:

Our jumpers, shirts and caps are still available see Marketing Manager, Daryl.


Don't forget the AGM after our next game at Rossdale on 9 February. All the information and sheets to nominate for the Committee will be sent out shortly. Please come along.


Happy 75th to Laurie, its his Birthday today.

Car Parking:

Bernie reminded everybody that we are guests at Golf Clubs and we need to be more careful how we park as there are some cars blocked in today.

Question Time:

No questions were asked, so Bernie handed the meeting over to our Captain, Donald MacDonald, who announced the winners for the day.


Captain Donald welcomed members to Churchill Park GC for todays event.

He wished everyone a Happy New Year and a great year ahead.

Donald advised that the Raffle prize today was a round of golf at Churchill Park for 4 people, so dig deep and buy your raffle tickets.

He reminded members that our next game was a 4BBB pairs competition at Rossdale.

Furthermore, he thanked Lance Bolam and Noel Valle for their golf ball donations.

Overall winner:

Our Bill Fitzsimmons Trophy winner was Harold Hayes (24) with 37 points

Harold also received a $30 House of Golf voucher for his efforts.

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Grade winners:

A Grade:

Roger Parker (8)

36 points

B Grade:

Chris Macgeorge (25)

34 points c/b

C Grade:

Barry Taylor (32)

35 points

Nearest to the Pin:

3rd hole

David Vine

6th hole

Gerry O'Connor

11th Hole:

John Hiscock

17th Hole:

Chris Macgeorge

Balls down the line:

Laurie Comerford


Gerry OConnor


Rodney Goode


Alan Baker


Gary Finnis


Lance Bolam


John Sutherland


Ian Lacey


NAGA Award:

John Boyce was our lucky winner. NB: Our Club policy is that no player can win the NAGA more than once per year.

NAGA image not available

Birthday Boys for February 2015:

Congratulations and best wishes to our members whose birthday falls in February:


Ray Desmond



Peter Ross



Lindsay Quennell



The raffle was won by Bernie Coyle.

Game Fees:

Members are reminded that the $40 game fee (or $10 game fee at your home club) is set for all games. There is no discount if you dont stay for lunch.

Members are also asked to bring the correct money to pay for their game. We cannot guarantee that change of large notes will always be available.

2015 Subscription Fee:

Members are also reminded that their $30 annual subscription fee is now due and payable. This must be paid for before our April game at Waterford Valley, otherwise you are not eligible to play.

Partner required

Joke image not found

One day a man named Harry rang his friend in tears.

"Pete", sobbed Harry, "I can't believe it, my wife left me for my golfing partner!"

Pete replied, "Get a hold of yourself man, there are plenty of other women out there!"

"Who's talking about her ?" asked Harry, "He was the only guy I could ever beat!"

Next Event:


9 February 2015 at Rossdale Golf Club


4BBB Stableford Captains/Presidents Trophy: be there by 7.15 am


John Currie and Gary Finnis

Stan Odachowski


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