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Newsletter - April 2014

On Monday 7 April 2014, we had 51 starters at Long Island Golf Club. Our game on the day was Stableford and we played for the Alf Jones Trophy.


President Bernie welcomed all members to Long Island Golf Club.
He thanked the Club for the use of their excellent course, facilities and lunch. He stated that it was a great day.


Apologies were received from Kelvin Tyler, Alex Johnson, Laurie Comerford, John Sutherland, Lance Bolam, Jeff Taylor, Bill Dooley, Ray Underwood and Neil Hills.

Sick List:

Colin Wiseman (hip) and Stan Odachowski (kidney), remain on our sick list.


Bernie welcomed our guests and invited them to join our Club:

  • Noel Valle (guest of Peter Bryan);
  • Joe Senegrado (guest of John Molloy);
  • Paul Wisniewski (guest of Barry Pollock);
  • Warren Gangell (guest of Darryl Gangell); and
  • Chris Thorne (guest of John Currie).

Noel and Chris became new members on the day.

Starters today:

Bernie thanked Barry Pollock and Hans Bleeker for being our starters for the day.

Special Achievements:

There were five known special achievements in the past month.

  • David Shutler won at Brighton on 8 March with 42pts off a handicap of 21;
  • Tom Govern won at Brighton on 15 March with an 89 off a handicap of 27;
  • Stan Klofa won at Cheltenham on 18 March with 39pts off a handicap of 22;
  • Roger Parker won at Churchill Park on 25 March with 38pts off a handicap of 9; and
  • John Hiscock won at Long Island on 25 March with a plus 3 off a handicap of 14.

Don Barrett advised that he had also won at Brighton with a plus 7.


Bernie reminded members that this was our 65thanniversary year and that shirts, as well as jumpers and hats were available from Daryl Edwards.
See Daryl if you wish to purchase our range of products.

Question Time:

No questions were asked, so Bernie handed the meeting over to Donald to announce the winners for the day.


Captain Donald welcomed members to Long Island GC for today’s event.
The CCR for the day was 31 - our lowest ever.

Winners on the day were:

John Hiscockoff 17 was our winner on c/b with 37 points.
John received a $30 Bunnings voucher for his superb display.

Grade winners

A Grade:

Gerry O’Connor (21)

33 points

B Grade:

Bill Frey (27)

37 points;

C Grade:

Rod Goode (32)

31 points

Nearest to the Pin:

3rd Hole:

Warren Gangell

9th Hole:

Ken Chamberlain;

12th Hole:

Bernie Coyle

Balls down the line:

Chris Proctor - 33 pts;

Peter Ross and Brian Guinane - 32 pts;

Bernie Coyle, Mike Bainbridge and Barry Pollock - 31 pts;

Ray Desmond and Wayne Lamb - 31 pts.

NAGA Award:

Roger Huxstep was our lucky winner.

Raffle Winner:

The picnic basket raffle prize was won by Barry Pollock.

Eagle Ridge in July:

Our game at Eagle Ridge is on the 21stof July and costs $40. This includes a cart for the day and 6 point sandwiches for lunch.
It is a 2 ball Ambrose event.
We will start to collect monies (up front) for the game at Rossdale GC on 2 June.

VVGA 4 BBB Championship at Cohuna Golf Club - 17 to 18 March

The championship was held over two days and the weather and course were good - we had a few drops of rain on Monday but nothing to cause problems. They were based on Gross results with prizes also for the net scores. Our team scores were as follows:-

  • Ray Desmond/Bernie Coyle - gross 175, net 138

  • Ray Underwood/Neil Hills - 176, 136

  • John Currie/Daryl Edwards - 177, 133

  • Lance Bolam/Kelvin Tyler - 183, 137

Ray Desmond had a NTP on the 11th hole on Tuesday, whilst the Currie/Edwards and Underwood/Hills teams won balls in the ball rundown on Monday. A great effort.
Cohuna is a good course and Bernie would encourage all to visit - he has the accommodation information if wanted.
All other aspects went well and great fun was had by all.

Here is a shot of the team at Cohuna in the Team rig - we had all sorts of reports from "Big Birds" to "Yellow Peril"!!!

Birthday Boys for May 2014:

Congratulations and best wishes to our members whose birthday falls in May

Irish joke time !!!

Mick and Paddy had promised their Uncle Seamus, who had been a sea faring gent all his life, to bury him at sea when he died.
Of course, in due time, he did pass away and the boys kept their promise.
They set off with Uncle Seamus all stitched up in a burial bag and loaded onto their rowboat.
After a while Mick says, "Do yer tink dis is fer enuff out, Paddy?"
Without a word Paddy slips over the side only to find himself standing in water up to his knees.
"Dis'll never do, Mick. Let's row some more."
After a bit more rowing Paddy slips over the side again but the water is only up to his belly, so they row on.
Again Mick asks Paddy, "Do yer tink dis is fer enuff out Paddy?"
Once again Paddy slips over the side and almost immediately says, "No dis'll neva do"' The water was only up to his chest.
So on they row and row and row and finally Paddy slips over the side and disappears.
Quite a bit of time goes by and poor Mick is really getting himself into a state when suddenly Paddy breaks the surface gasping for breath.
"Well is it deep enuff yet, Paddy?"
"Aye 'tis,
NOW! Hand me dat shovel!"

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