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Nearest the pin winners

This table shows the recorded Nearest to the Pin winners since database records started in 2016

1 NTP by Al Abraham

1 NTP by Alan Baker

1 NTP by Donald Barrett

1 NTP by Hans Bleeker

1 NTP by Lance Bolam

1 NTP by Peter Charlewood

1 NTP by Joe Cirnigliaro

1 NTP by Ray Desmond

1 NTP by Gary Finnis

1 NTP by Bill Frey

1 NTP by Tom Govern

1 NTP by Barry Pollock

1 NTP by Lindsay Quennell

1 NTP by Kelvin Tyler

1 NTP by Neil Wilson

1 NTP by David Heraud

1 NTP by Ian Hoskins

1 NTP by Roland Neef

1 NTP by Bill Heron

1 NTP by Peter Sloan

1 NTP by Alan Grisdale

1 NTP by Karl Lindberg

1 NTP by Ian Richards

1 NTP by Taffy Davies

1 NTP by Mark Pearson

1 NTP by Chris Moot

1 NTP by Jim Collins

1 NTP by Warren Stahel

1 NTP by Shay McQuade

1 NTP by Ian Cornish

1 NTP by Allen McAuliffe

1 NTP by Craig Fitchet

1 NTP by Derek MacCallum

1 NTP by Colin Holmes

1 NTP by Patrick Ryan

1 NTP by Bernard De Robillard

1 NTP by Eric Ferraro

1 NTP by Miguel Magana

2 NTPs by Bernie Coyle

2 NTPs by Harold Hayes

2 NTPs by Stan Odachowski

2 NTPs by George Robinson

2 NTPs by Peter Fischer

2 NTPs by Tony Villani

2 NTPs by John Field

2 NTPs by Bill Cribbes

2 NTPs by John Hendrie

2 NTPs by John Newby

2 NTPs by Peter Bywaters

3 NTPs by Reginald Davey

3 NTPs by Gary Morland

3 NTPs by Chris Procter

3 NTPs by Ray Underwood

3 NTPs by Terry Donohue

3 NTPs by Christopher Thorne

3 NTPs by Keith Aldrich

3 NTPs by Bruce Keenan

3 NTPs by Allan Logan

4 NTPs by Bill Dooley

4 NTPs by Rod Goode

4 NTPs by John Hiscock

4 NTPs by Christopher Tierney

4 NTPs by Noel Valle

4 NTPs by Philip Horsburgh

4 NTPs by Trevor Bottomley

4 NTPs by Trevor Spence

4 NTPs by Peter Bimbi

4 NTPs by Declan Stephenson

4 NTPs by Mick Kelly

4 NTPs by Peter Garbellini

5 NTPs by John Currie

5 NTPs by Daryl Edwards

5 NTPs by Roger Selwood

5 NTPs by Colin Wiseman

6 NTPs by Laurie Comerford

6 NTPs by Jeff Stevens

7 NTPs by John Molloy

7 NTPs by David Vine

7 NTPs by George Weaver

7 NTPs by Donald Barber