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Keith Allen (1996),  Cec Barnes (1989),  Charlie Berrisford (1992),  Lance Bolam (2003),  Hugh Churchward (2012),  John Coleman (1997),  Bernie Coyle (2016),  Ray Desmond (2022),  Daryl Edwards (2022),  Bill Fitzsimmons (1993),  Alec Fox (1990),  Ken Gangell (2011),  Grant Haselgrove (2012),  Royce Hollingsworth (2002),  Colin Jackson (1996),  Alf Jones (1996),  Bob Leverington (2003),  Thord Lorich (1993),  Donald  MacDonald (2019),  John Sant (1986),  Jeff Taylor (2022),  Frank Taylor (2004),  Ray Underwood (2013),  Harry Vickers (1990),  David Vine (2018),  

John Sant - elected 1986

Born in 1912, John joined the club in 1975 and was President in 1983 and Handicapper from 1982 to 1995. In his role as President John was largely responsible for our Club Constitution In 1996 the Club decided to award the "John Sant Trophy" in honour of John's contributions. 

The Trophy award is to be accompanied by a bottle of whisky presented at the Annual Dinner in December. John lived in Beaumaris all his life and apart from the Vets, he joined Long Island in 1967 and was their handicapper from 1975 to 1994. 

The Club awarded him Life Membership in 1990 and still has a room named "The John Sant Room". Health wise, John never recovered from major surgery in 1990 and he died in 1996 aged 84.

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Cec Barnes - elected 1989

75 & Over winner 1985, 1987. Sadly, all other information has been lost with time.

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Alec Fox - elected 1990

Alex was President - 1986, Captain 1985, Vice/Captain 1984, 75 & Over winner 1989.

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Harry Vickers - elected 1990

Harry joined the Vets in 1976 and retired in 1991 due to il-health. He was President in 1979 & 1987; Assistant Treasurer in 1978 and Vice-President in 1986.

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Charlie Berrisford - elected 1992

Charlie joined the Vets in 1980 and retired in 1993 at the age of 89. He was Vice Captain in 1989 and won the 75 & over winner 1984.

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Bill Fitzsimmons - elected 1993

Bill was President - 1989, Vice/President 1988, 1996 to 1998, Captain 1987, Vice/Captain 1987, Presidents Trophy 1985, Captains Trophy 1986, 1987, 1996, 70/74 winner 1989, 75 & over winner 1993 to 1995.

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Thord Lorich - elected 1993

Born in Sweden in 1918, Thord excelled in "Greco Roman Wrestling" during the mid to late 1930's in Sweden and became the most outstanding and successful competitor in this sport during that time. He came to Australia in 1947 as a captain in the merchant navy. 

He spent several years as head construction engineer with the Department of Civil Aviation stationed in Alice Springs and from here was promoted to head of all lines people working in the Northern Territory. In 1954, he was approached by the Australian Wrestling Union to teach and coach Australian Athletes in the art of Greco Roman wrestling for the approaching 1956 Olympics. 

Now we know where his strong handshake originated. Thord joined the Veterans in 1978. He was President in 1993; v/President in 1985; Secretary 1987 to 1989; Assist Secretary/Treasurer 1985 to 1986; 60/64 age winner 1983; 65/69 age winner 1984; 70/74 age winner 1992; 75 & over age winner 1997, 1999. 

He was still playing golf 3 to 4 days a week prior to his death in late 2006 aged 88.

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Keith Allen - elected 1996

Born in 1913, Keith joined the club in 1976 and stayed till 2003. He was a fully paid up financial, but non-playing member for 27 years. He loved the Vets and was always the first person for donations when the club was not always financially viable, particularly in the late 1980s. 

He was conferred with life membership in 1996 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Vets over 20 years. He died in 2006 aged 93.

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Colin Jackson - elected 1996

Colin joined the Vets in 1975 and resigned in 1995 owing to ill-health. He was a fully paid up financial, but non-playing member for 13 years. Colin was John Sant's right hand man helping with score cards at the conclusion of play. 

He was conferred with life membership in 1996 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Vets over 20 years.

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Alf Jones - elected 1996

Born in 1916, Alf joined the Club in 1980. He was Vice/President in 1985 and 1987, Captain in 1984 and 1986, Vice/Captain in 1983 and delegate to the VVGA from 1993 to 1996. He won the 75 & over trophy in 1986. He died in 2003 aged 87. 

In 2000, Alf was presented with the Australian Sports Medal by Governor General, Sir William Deane for his outstanding contribution to Australian Sport and in the same year he was granted life membership of the RSL for his service and generosity over many, many years. 

Alf was an amazing person, at a very young age he was afflicted with polio, which left him was a permanent limp. He never let it pose any problems, particularly where sport was concerned. For many years he played sub-district cricket with Caulfield as an outstanding opening batsman and clever leg spinner. 

He was invited to train with the Victorian Sheffield Shield squad, but was unable to take this opportunity due to limitations with his leg. During the winter months he excelled at baseball as the first pitcher for Caulfield. 

He retired from both baseball and cricket in 1971 at age 55 after a career lasting 40 years. In 1972 he took up golf and joined Yarra Yarra. From day one he played on single figures and stayed that way till sickness prevented him playing again. 

In the mid 1990s aged 74+ he was invited to play in the World Veterans Golf Championships held in America. After leading the field for the first two days, his physical condition deserted him on day 3 when he could barely walk (no ride-on carts in those days). 

He eventually finished in third place 3 strokes behind the winner - a fantastic achievement! His generosity knew no limits, and for years he was a great benefactor to people of all walks of life, but his contribution to all the Veterans Golfing Associations in Victoria donating his "Vengeance" brand of golf clubs, putters, etc.for trophies was unequalled. 

One of Nature's gentlemen.

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John Coleman - elected 1997

Born in 1920 John joined the Club in 1989. He was President from 1994 to 1998 and part of 1999, Vice/President in 2002. He was the 70/74 age group winner in 1993 & John Sant Trophy winner 1999. He died in 2003 aged 83. 

John spent a record 6 years as President, during which time he supervised the updating of our contitution, changed the game day format and ran President's Special Effort raffles rasing thousands of dollars which subsidised the introduction of the very popular Christmas Lunch Ladies Day. 

He also used his many business contacts to the Club's advantage with golf balls, magazines, end of year trophies and raffle prizes. John was an outstanding recreational sailor, this being his first love. As a passionate Hawthorn supporter, he served for many years on the Hawthorn Social Committee. 

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Royce Hollingsworth - elected 2002

Born in March 1921 he died in Feb 2005 Aged 84. He joined the Vets in 1982 resigning in 2004. He was Vice Captain 1993 to 2003; Club Champion 1997 (tied with Bob Leverington~ Agg 276 (8 best cards); Presidents Trophy 1998; Age Trophy 70/74 (1994 & 1995); 75 and over 1996 & 2003. 

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Vets. (22 years) the club decided establish the "Royce Hollingworth Trophy". He was a 50 year plus member at Rossdale and played in their winning 1961 Div 4 Pennant team. 

As well he beat his age several times when he was aged 75,76 and 78 "incredible". During his career at Rossdale, he had many 'Holes in One' on the par 3's - but never at the 3rd which is the easiest one. One of natures gentlemen. 

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Lance Bolam - elected 2003

Born in Hartwell/Camberwell he attended Hartwell Primary School 1940 to 1946 and Camberwell High School 1947 to 1950 (Leaving Certificate). Camberwell High School were All High School Vic Champions 1949/50 in both Football and Cricket. 

Lance was very proud to be one of the members of both teams. He loved all sports and was part of the Track and Field, and Basketball teams at CHS. In Feb 1951 he commenced work at McPhersons Ltd (Engineering and Hardware Manufacturer) and retired in Sept 1992 after 42 years of service. 

When he first joined the company he won a Cadet Apprenticeship within the company, which enabled him to study and graduate with honours in Sales and Marketing. His studies were interrupted in 1954 when he was balloted for National Service, which he served at Point Cook for 6 months plus 10 years in the Army Reserve. 

When he returned to McPherson s in early 1955, all sales jobs etc were filled, so he was placed in the shipping department and it opened so many opportunities for him - back to study again and the result - he became a fully qualified Customs Agent specializing in Importing and Exporting. 

This lead to his appointment as Shipping manager in 1964. In 1968 he was appointed Sales Administration Manager at the companies Bolt and Nut factory in Richmond where he was responsible for the large automotive accounts Ford Motor Compnay, General Motors Holden and associated component companies. 

This was a very demanding position with huge responsibility and accountability, yet the work was very mundane and not very challenging. In 1972 he was promoted to Export Administration Manager/South-east Asian Sales Manager and for the next 20 years travelled 3/4 months every year to (Singapore/ Malaysia/Thailand Indonesia/ Philippines/Taiwan/China/PNG and all the Pacific Basin islands. 

Edith was able to travel with him twice a year (which was fantastic). He had married Edith in 1957 and lived in Mount Waverley for 24 years, raised 3 children Deidre, Doug and Andrea. They are all now married, and there are 7 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. 

Lance played Junior football very successfully for 20 years (330 games) with Camberwell, Hartwell and Mount Waverley finally retiring when he was 32. In his sporting career, he was very fortunate to have played in many successful Premiership teams in Cricket and Basketball over a 30 year period and won a few trophies on the way, but he never won a Football Premiership despite playing in 11 Grand Finals "such is life". 

He was very fortunate to play Basketball with Lindsay Gaze (Andrew's Father) whilst representing Victoria as a Junior. He received Life Membership with the Hartwell Football Club and Mount Waverley Church Cricket Club after serving as a player/ Captain/ Coach/ President/ Secretary/ Treasurer. 

His greatest enjoyment was coaching juniors. In April 1974 Lance had a massive heart attack (age 39), so he took up golf, joined Churchill Park and has been a member there for the past 42 years. Since joining the Veteran's Golf Club in late 1992 the golf club has been a wonderful source of enjoyment to him with its great fellowship, tremendous camaraderie and involvement with people from all walks of life. 

He was very honoured and delighted to have the Club Champion trophy named after him and he was very humble by the recognition that was bestowed upon him. Lance is an absolute legend of our club and a true gentleman.

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Bob Leverington - elected 2003

Life Born in 1928, Bob joined the club in 1994. He was President from 2002 to 2004, Vice/President 1995, 2000 to 2001 and Handicapper from 1996 to 1999. He was Club Champion in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2002, won the Captains Trophy in 2000 & 2001 and the John Sant Trophy in 2000 & 2005. 

As well he was age groups winners for 65/69 in 1996, 70/75 in 2003, 76 & over in 2005. He retired from golfing with the Club early in 2012 and died later that year aged 84.

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Frank Taylor - elected 2004

Born in 1932, Frank joined the Club in 1995. He was Secretary for part 1998, 1999 to 2004 & Assistant Secretary in 1996 to 1997. He was the 60/69 winner in 1997 & 2000. He died in 2010 aged 78.

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Ken Gangell - elected 2011

Life Born in 1926 Ken joined the club in 2001. He was the Club's Marketing Manager for many years. He won the Club Champion Trophy in 2003 & 2012, was r/u Presidents Trophy in 2002, 2005, 2006 & 2008. He died in 2014 aged 88. 

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Grant Haselgrove - elected 2012

Born in 1931, Grant joined the club in 1999 at the age of 68. He was Handicapper from 2001 to 2011 and shared handicapper 2012 to 2013. He won the Captains Trophy in 2004; the 60/69 age group in 1999; the 70/75 age group in 2002, 2005 & 2006. 

He died in 2015 aged 84. In early 2001, Grant implemented a new Club Handicapping System and Trophy criteria. Both systems were very simple, and proved to be very successful for the next 12 years. He attended Newport Primary School and Williamstown High School where he was the Athletics Champion. 

After leaving High School, Grant was accepted into Duntroon Military College. He studied and trained at the College for 4 years and Graduated as a Lieutenant. He joined the Infantry Division of the Regular Army with the Royal Australian Regiment - 4th Battalion. 

He was posted to Korea, but was unable to take up the posting as the truce was signed before he was due to leave. He attended Army Staff College at Queenscliff and was awarded Post Nominals for his achievements. Grant was posted to the Broadmeadows Ordinance Depot and while in that position, he studied for and achieved a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, winning prizes for marketing and Economic Geography. 

He was promoted to Commander Divisional Ordinance Company. Grant served overseas in Malaysia for 2 years as Staff Officer Brigade Headquarters. He also served in South Vietnam at Headquarters and was awarded mention in dispatches (MID) for dedicated service. 

During his time in the Armv he was promoted to the rank of Colonel. After resigning from the Army, he took up the role of Senior Planning Officer with RMIT. Grant joined the State Premier's Department and was appointed Chairman of the Organising Committee for the Avalon Air Show, among a variety of other Administrative positions. 

He resigned from the Public Service in 1975 and from 1975 to 1984 he acted as a consultant to several bodies including the Department of Finance, Sri Lankan Government and Asian Development Bank. He finally retired in 1984. 

His hobbies included Golf, Fishing, Sports Observer and supporting Essendon.

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Hugh Churchward - elected 2012

Hugh Churchward was born (to quote himself) 'at a very early age' on 8th September 1926 in the bush about 5kms South of Smithton, Tasmania. His family moved to North Brighton in the 1930s, then Brighton Beach from where Hugh spent the worst years of his life at Carey Baptist College from 1938 to 1941. 

From there Hugh went to Melbourne Technical College and changed his life for the better by studying plumbing. He joined the 'Were Street Methodist church" and in time became a dedicated Christian giving his heart to Jesus. The values adopted here became the cornerstone of his life. 

Then he met Isobel, a nursing sister from Rainbow and they married in 1951. They purchased their first home in Cheltenham and raised their family of 3 boys and 2 girls there. In his plumbing business he worked at Victoria Golf Club for many years helping to grow his love of Golf. 

He joined the Master Plumbers Golf Club and in time became a Committee member as well as winning many of the Club's trophies and events. In 1988 he joined the Vets and enjoyed many years of golf with the Club - some good, some not so good, but he always enjoyed the company of the many friendly members. 

His golfing achievements with the Club included: 2001 John Sant Trophy; 2000 Presidents Trophy; 2001 75 Years and Over Trophy; 2003/2004/2007/2008/2009/2010 76 Years and Over Trophy; 2005 Over 25 handicap Trophy. In 2018, the Club presented Hugh with a medal commemorating his 30 years as a member. 

Sadly, just before his 94th birthday, Hugh passed away on 2nd September 2020. He had not been in good health for some time and was missed on the golf course.

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Ray Underwood - elected 2013

Born in May 1939 Ray joined the Club in 1999. He was President from 2008 to 2012 & v/President in 2007. He was Club Champion in 2008; won the Captains Trophy in 2003 & 2011 and was r/u in the Captains Trophy in 2004. Born in Mordialloc Ray attended Chelsea Primary School, Mordialloc High School and Mentone Grammar. 

The family moved to Fish Creek and then to Bendigo where he did his plumbing Apprenticeship from 1955 to 1959. He was an outstanding apprentice and won many certificates for his Schooling and work. He played Junior and Senior AFL Football with the South Bendigo Football Club. 

He was an "A" Grade Tennis player and represented Bendigo in the Country week Competitions in both Tennis and Badminton for many years. In 1961 he was awarded the Victorian Overseas Foundation Scholarship, to work and study plumbing and Air Conditioning in England for 2 Years. 

In July 1962 he married Rhonda Clay, a farmers daughter and they left Australia by ship to work in London. On the 25th April 1963 their son Steven was born in Epsom Surrey, near the famous racecourse. The last 6 months of Ray's 2 year contract was spent in "Aden" Yemen supervising a Project for the British Communications Company. 

Back in Australia Ray worked with A G Coombes Pty Ltd in various roles until 1980 including: Project Manager: Collins Place Project; Construction Manager: Darwin Centre Northern Territory; Chief Estimator: Crown Casino Southgate Project. 

In 1981 he joined A. E. Smith and Son P/L and remained with them as their Australian Construction Manager until he retired in July 1997. In 1992/1994 he lived in Sydney as their NSW State Manager. He was heavily involved in the local community 1977 to 1990 in scouting and was awarded the City of Moorabbin Community Service Award in 1991. 

He is the very proud father of Steven, Leanne & Kim and 3 grand-daughters Megan, Alison & Honour and grand-son Calum. Member of the Melbourne Cricket Club for 34 years and the Merimbula Golf Club for 25 years. He has been a frustrated Collingwood supporter for many years. 

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Bernie Coyle - elected 2016

Bernie was born in Albert Park in 1946 and attended Mount Carmel and Parade Colleges. He then joined the Public Service with Department of the Navy in the Logistics Business. He was involved with the purchase of new equipment and travelled to the USA in 1970 when new Skyhawk jets were purchased for the aircraft carrier, HMAS Melbourne. 

He moved to Canberra in 1971 and was sent to the United Kingdom for three years when the Oberon submarines and Sea King Helicopters were being built for the RAN. He returned to Canberra in 1975 and occupied a range of management positions with Defence, Air Force and Navy. 

This culminated when he was Project Director for a number of ship building projects including the new Minehunters and the refitted HMAS Kanimbla, which he handed back to the RAN in 2000 and retired immediately afterwards. He moved back to Melbourne in 2001 where he met Anne, whom he subsequently married. 

They have nine children and fourteen grandchildren between them. He joined Brighton Golf Club in 2003 and the Veterans Golf Club of Victoria in 2005. He has occupied the following positions after only one year as a member:- Vice Captain 2006, Captain 2007- 2010, Vice President 2011 - 2012, President 2013 - 2016 and Club Champion 2014. 

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David Vine - elected 2018

Born and raised in Melbourne, David commenced to play golf at the "Royal" Elsternwick Golf Course at 7 years of age. At 16 he won the handicapped B grade championship. At 18 joined the Yarra Yarra Golf Course after impressing two of the senior club members by shooting a 78 off the stick. 

He played as an emergency member of the junior pennant team but never managed to get a match. The team won the pennant that year as Yarra Yarra had a number of very good junior and senior players. While he played off a 10 to 8 handicap, he managed to win three of the much sort after trophies in one year, so the handicapper promptly dropped his handicap to 6 - never to be played to. 

Due to family and financial commitments he left golf completely when he was 30, with a short comeback at the Cheltenham Golf Club when 45 for a couple of years, but was unhappy with the standard of golf that he could play with only one game a week. 

So golf took a break until he retired at 63 and joined the Rossdale Golf Club in 2007 and then the Keysborough Golf Club in 2014. He joined the Vets in 2007 and was elected treasurer in 2011. He is also the treasurer of the Cheltenham - Mentone Uniting Church. 

He was appointed a Life Governor and was the last President of the now closed Mordialloc Cheltenham Community Hospital. David has been happily married to Janice for 52 years and has 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

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Donald  MacDonald - elected 2019

DONALD MACDONALD - elected 2019 Donald was born in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland in 1946. He attended the local Dunskellar School for his primary education and then moved to Hyndland Secondary School in Glasgow for the next stage of his education. 

He then enrolled in the University of Strathclyde initially doing Applied Chemistry before switching his studies to Computing and Information Technology which led to a career in Computers. In 1969 he began a career in the information technology and computer world. 

An early sports interest was soccer. However golf was included and during this time he has played St Andrews, Turnberry, Muirfield, and Gleneagles. Lucky Donald. He married Pat in Glasgow in 1971 and they had four daughters and now have three grand-daughters. 

In 1995 at age 48 as a Programme Director he moved to Victoria with his family as an ex-Pat on a FOUR year assignment to assist our banking industry with the complexities of IT. Not sure if the return ticket has been cashed in yet? The task was extended several times until he retired in 2003. 

However, the return trips to Scotland are only temporary ones to family and friends. After playing golf at Malvern Valley in a social group after retirement for some time, he was persuaded by Hugh Churchward and then Lance Bolam to join the Veterans club in 2008. 

He has played some of the premier Melbourne sand belt courses but is still waiting for an invitation to play at Royal Melbourne. Shortly after joining the Veterans, he became Vice Captain for two years and Captain for three years assisting Ray Underwood and then Bernie Coyle. 

Success with his golf results at the Vets have been limited. He won the President’s Award for 2011, a year which saw him also win the Royce Hollingworth Trophy. More recently he has been Vice President 2013-2016 and President 2017-2019. 

During this time his IT experience has been a valued support to the establishment of the computer systems now in operation at the Club. He gave a very memorable reminder to us of his Scottish heritage, by wearing his Clan MacDonald tartan complete with dress jacket, kilt, dagger and sporran to the Christmas function in 2018. 

We can all thank Donald for his infectious 'bon homie' and his detailed approach to seeing our club survive the vicissitudes of golfing in the future.

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Daryl Edwards - elected 2022

Daryl Edwards was born in Echuca in 1942. Shortly after the family moved to Melbourne and he attended primary school at St Joan of Arc in Brighton and then went to Brighton Technical School before completing an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner. 

He married Linda in 1965 and they have 3 boys and 6 grandchildren 3 boys and 3 girls. The family moved to Hay NSW in 1962 to go into a service station business as well as sales and service of Diesel engines and irrigation pumping equipment. 

He played football and golf in Hay and was a member of both committees for a number of years. After living in Hay for 36 years sold the business and returned to Melbourne and worked in the construction industry for 10 years. 

After retiring he joined the Victorian Veterans in 2011. He was appointed to the Marketing position 2012 and he is continuing in the role for the 11th year in 2022. This involves purchasing and ordering Club polos, jumpers, hats, club balls, golf digest books and preparation of raffles for tournament days. 

He has been a successful golfer in the VVGA tournaments representing our Vets Club. Daryl has won the following monthly trophies so far, 2015 John Sant, 2019 Bill Fitzsimmons and in 2021 Alf Jones. Also he was the Presidents Trophy Runner up in 2021 and has had a Nearest The Pin three times. 

In 2015 he joined a very select group with a Hole in One at the 6th at Eagle Ridge in a Vic Veterans monthly competition.

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Jeff Taylor - elected 2022

Jeff was born in England in 1941had his Primary and Secondary education there. He married in 1960 and came to Melbourne in 1963. He has two sons in Australia. He obtained a Technology Diploma at RMIT specialising in Plastics Technology and then worked with Nylex for nine years. 

He returned to Newcastle England for seven years working in the area of Plastics development. Then sunny Australia called and he returned and made plastic parts including some for new cars assembled in Melbourne. Jeff retired in 2008. 

Jeff was a member of Rotary for 48 years and is a member of Brighton Golf Club. His partner is Barbara and he a keen beekeeper at his son’s farm at Hastings. He became a member of the Victorian Veterans in 2013. Jeff won the Grant Haselgrove trophy in 2014 and won the 4BBB VVGA trophy and a putter in 2016. 

He has been Club Secretary from 2015 to 2021 and at the same time had difficult health problems. He is Secretary again after restructuring from late 2021. During the Covid period he took steps in establishing our EFT payment system that is now used by the majority of members. 

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Ray Desmond - elected 2022

Ray was born in 1944 and was educated at Castlemaine South Primary School and then at Castlemaine Technical College. With the PMG he was a Technician in Training at Ballarat and Melbourne from 1960 till 1965, obtaining a Senior Technical Officer qualification. 

He worked for 44 years with the PMG, Telecom and Telstra. Moving to Charlton in 1966 he was a committee member at Charlton Lawn Tennis club from 1968 to 1988 and became a Life member there in 1987. Elected as a Councillor on the Charlton Shire in 1988 for one year as amalgamation of councils happened early 1989. 

Ray was married in 1966 to Norma. He has three children and nine grandchildren ranging from 23yrs to 11yrs old. Moving to Bendigo in 1989 he worked in the Telstra Short St Building. He played tennis and joined the Bendigo Golf Club. 

Leaving Bendigo he moved to Bentleigh. Ray also worked for eleven years in a retirement village, Brighton Classic Residences. After moving to Bentleigh in 1999 he joined the Brighton Golf club and has been the handicapper and results secretary to the present time. 

He became a Life Member in 2020. After his wife passed in 2009, Ray joined the Veterans Golf Club in 2010. He assisted Grant Haselgrove as handicapper from 2011 and then on his own from 2014 with handicapping and records. 

He obtains the latest member handicaps from Golf Australia prior to our Monday competition. Tournament cards are checked and results prepared for the winners to be announced and publication in the newsletter. He then updates the GA records after each game. 

Yearly tournament results are also kept so that the appropriate awards can be announced at the end of the year. He was elected a Life Member of his third club by the Veterans Club in 2022. In several ways, a fantastic record of community service. 

Ray has had good success on the golf course winning the Winter Classic in 2014, the Keith Allen trophy in 2017, and Presidents Trophy Runner up in 2013. Winner of 4BBB trophy in 2012/2013 and the C grade golf champion at Charlton in 1975 and C grade golf champion at Brighton in 2014. 

Ray has had seven (7) holes in one during his golfing career (so far). One each at Charlton and Bendigo and five at Brighton BUT none with the Vets.

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The vast majority of the personal information above was copied from Lance Bolam's booklet "Veterans Golf Club of Victoria Inc. - Life Members 1986 to 2015", while the Committee roles and event winners were extracted from Club Records supplied by then Secretary, Stan Odachowski.
Lastly Rod Goode has interviewed the later life members providing the notes on their contributions to the Club while Alan Millard provided the notes on David Vine.

There are many unlisted achievements of these life members. If you can provide additional information, please email: The secretary or the Webmaster to allow us to correct this page.

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