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2022 Course schedule


Monday 17th January 7:15am Shotgun start
Bill Fitzsimmons Trophy

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Monday 7th February 7:15am
Royce Hollingworth Trophy

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Waterford Valley

Monday 7th March 7:15am
Thord Lorich Trophy

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Churchill Park

Monday 4th April 7:15am
Captain-Presidents Trophy

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Monday 2nd May 8:00am
Grant Haselgrove Trophy

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Monday 6th June 8:00am
David Vine

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Monday 4th July 8:00am Shotgun start
Alf Jones Trophy

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Rosebud Country Nth

Monday 1st August 8:00am Shotgun start
Ray Underwood Trophy

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Lang Lang

Monday 5th September 8:00am Shotgun start
Bernie Coyle Trophy

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Centenary Park

Monday 3rd October 7:15am
Ken Gangell Trophy


Monday 7th November 7.30am Shotgun start
House of Golf Mentone Trophy

Waterford Valley

Monday 5th December 7:15am
Bob Leverington Trophy

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Presentation lunch.

Our presentation lunch for memberrs and partners is normally held on the second Monday of December. Further details will be announced at our Club events and will be repeated in the Newsletters. The booking sheet will be opened around the start of November.

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